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What to expect on zoladex

Hi ladies

Hope you are all well

Just looking for some advice please. I had a lap 11 days ago to have a cyst removed where they also found endo on my bladder and somewhere else, where i have no idea as the surgeon told me this while i was still pretty much out of it, it wasn't removed as it would have damaged my bladder, surgeon told me i was going to start on zoladex for 6 months followed by 3 years of tablets, zoladex was given to me 4 hours post surgery, again still woozy from surgery didn't ask many questions, so i was hoping that you lovely ladies could advise me what to expect on zoladex. I have started bleeding today dispite only having my normal period 13 days ago is this a side effect ? What other side effects can i expect ? I am just so unsure whether to continue on them or not and my post op isn't for 3 months. I was pretty much managing my pain myself before diagnosis, lost 2 stone and things have been easier since losing weight so i don't know what to do. What have been your experiences and what would you do ?

Thankyou x

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Hi pinkbubble, hope you're recovering well :)

In short and simple terms; I was put on zoladex for 6 months last year. To be honest it did make me feel a bit crazy at times. I would be quite emotional and my temper could fly, although usually I'm quite a placid person. I got hot flushes quite a lot. However over all it wasn't that bad, you just need to take each day as it comes. Also I heard two very different experiences from others; one was absolutely fine and the other experienced the same as me; everyone handles it differently. Although If this is what my real menopause experience will be like then I am not looking forward to it (lol); I believe zoladex puts you in a fake menopausal state.

Just keep positive and like I said take each day as it comes. Hope it works for you :)

Take care!


Hi. Its puts you in a temporary state of menopause. So expect all the signs of menopause to come with it. It will help keep the endo symptoms down as well as shrink some of it which will help the doctors remove the lesions during surgery. Some women feel worse during the first 2 months but it eventually gets better. Others don't seem to notice any thing different.

Hope you feel better soon after your recent procedure. All the best.


Hi pink bubble, I'm now on my fourth Zoladex and feel better than I have done for a long time. Saying that the first month was horrible . I started my period an hour before first injection and have not had one since. I had a bad flare up after the first week which was made worse by the fact the Zoladex makes me severely constipated, I now take Laxido every day which has been a god send. It also brought on severe depression (suffered this previously) so am on antidepressants. But I don't regret having these injections. I'm 42 and due to have hysterectomy (due to adenomyosis), ovary removal, excision and possible bowel resection in March.


Hi, I'm in a similar situation - recently had a lap, a lot of endo removed but it's widespread, advised to go on zoladex ASAP. I said I want to discusd it properly with the consultant first - I'm sure it seems routine to them but not to me!!! I'm going to see the consultant on Christmas Eve so will see what she says. I'm particularly worried about aggravating my migraines. Like you I had the pain pretty much under control pre-op. Good luck xx


Hi i had my 1st zoladex injection on friday, my gynae recommended it before I have a hysterectomy later in the year for endometriosis, repeated CIN 3 and womb infections. Iam on 3 month treatment. Had my first hot flush on friday night, felt very shaky also. I now have had a dry mouth, itchy skin, swollen hands and blurred vision. Everyone is different though. I am 29 and looking forward to the break from pain and bleeding.x



I must say that I'm on my 5 month of zoladex now and have not had a period since the first month I do get the hot flushes but in 5 months one flare up and my endo is on my kinds and lungs so no more ops available

Hope you are feeling better soon


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