No idea what to expect

I have my diagnostic laparoscopy on Friday with no idea what to expect can anyone help?

I'm also concerned as my endo symptoms apart from sex hurting and being uncomfortable hVe gone.. And week before my op :( I don't know what to do whether to still have it or not :( can endo be fine then come back and go weeks at a time or even days at a time?

Also is occasional back ache which comes and goes.. Tiredness and period cramps (not on a period normal) ASWELL as sharp shooting pains occasionally in my ovaries and severe ibs be symptoms or normal?.. (but yet again all come and go when they please) xxxx thankyou xxxxx

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  • My advice, go for the diagnostic lap. That's is exactly how I felt before my appointment 3 weeks ago. The good news is I went and now I have a definite Endo diagnostic, and know what am suffering from. Good luck:-)

  • What are you symptoms tracie xx

  • Mine has been painful sex; really bad cramps, heavy bleeding(which reduced because of mirena coil) lower backache and once in Dec had a severe sharp right ovary pain and passed out and was rushed to A&E. Feeling bloated a lot and of course always very tired:-/ . With the lap diagnostic it's a very simple straight forward procedure and lasts about 20 mins(mine did) which because you are under GA you will feel like it took 5 minutes. The discomfort is not so bad and recovery is 1 week, 2 weeks tops. Xx

  • I am the same always offered severe periods.. Uncomfortable and sore during sex cramps and backache.. Plus sometimes when I wee my bladder feels sore inside... And occasional shooting pains on my left ovary... Do you find some days/ weeks are better and gone then others it's back and awful? How long before you laparoscopy could you not eat? Xxx

  • Yes I do have better days and bad. But the lower back ache and cramps are like every other day sometimes. I ate after a couple of hours, can't remember exactly, but am sure your consultant will tell you when to start eating.

  • Hello

    I had my diagnostic last year, they found stage 4 on bladder, bowel, pod, ureters, knackered tubes, 18cm cyst etc

    The op itself was fine I was back to work after 3 days, after this lap I had prostap for 3 months then had a 6 hour lap for excision x

  • Have the lap still. My pain isn't daily. It can be very intermittent at times. I can have a completely pain free week and then the week after it'll be painful nearly everyday. Also, the fact that sex still hurts you means it needs looking in to. I'm very similar to you pain wise but I'm still having my lap in August. Go for it. Don't let the nerves get to you! X

  • Also, if you don't know how long it is that you can't eat beforehand then you need to give them a ring to find out. If you get it wrong your surgery will be rescheduled x

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