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laparoscopy diagnosis and time off work

Hi guys,

I'm due to have my laparoscopy on Wednesday 12th July. I was wondering how many of you ladies was told what was found after the op and how long should I take off work. I work in a school and the next day they want me on a school trip, I'm not sure if I have underestimated what I am actually having done.

I'm 20 and don't really have a lot of people to ask for advise so I would really appreciate any advice or info

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You won't really know till you wake up and they tell you what they have found and how much work they have done, no matter how minor the surgery seems, surgery is still surgery and you need to give yourself time to recover, I would say if all fine give yourself at least one too two weeks to recover x

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Hi Eminsh,

I've had two laparoscopic procedures and both times were different. The first time I wasn't told much at all by the surgeon - pretty much just what he found - and had a follow-up appointment a few weeks later to discuss the findings in more detail. The second time I had more 'work' done and the surgeon that time was a lot more forthcoming. He spent about 20 mins with me post-surgery (after I'd come round properly from the anaesthetic) discussing what he'd done and what it meant. I also had a follow-up appointment with him a few weeks later, but it was more to discuss how I was getting on (any pain, any discomfort, any further questions, etc).

As for time off work - both times I've had between 2 and 4 weeks off, but again a lot will depend on how quickly you heal and whether or not you feel up to going back to work straight away. Don't forget - a laparoscopy is still invasive surgery, so don't expect to be participating in any strenuous activities for at least a few weeks afterwards. If the school trip involves lots of walking, running etc, I personally wouldn't participate as you run the risk of popping stitches, exhaustion and just plain discomfort. It's hard enough to sit down afterwards, let alone anything else!

I hope the above helps - annoyingly it's quite a personal thing and until you've had the procedure, it's difficult to say how you'll really feel.




I am having mine on 11th but i was told even if i dont have anything done i should still have 2 weeks off as they are rooting about in ur stomach u dont want to do to much at all for first week

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I didn't do anything for two weeks 🙈 I had zero energy and when I finally had my first outing on day 11, just for two hours I sleep for 5 when I got home.. the exhaustion is real!!


Thank you guys I really appreciate it xx


HI, I ended up having endometrium deposits removed from my bowel after first diagnostic lap, I was initially signed off for 2 weeks bit had 5 weeks off in total, I'm not going to lie it was extreme painful but made a full recovery.

I was told after waking up post surgery that it was in fact endometriosis.

Hope that helps x


Hi, I also work in a school I had to have a month off in total due to Infections but they told me to only go back to work when I am feeling right again. My advice is to take off as long as you can because you don't want one of the children knocking into your stomach which will cause you more pain x

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Hi lovely, when I woke they told me what was done and found. Although I was still very out of it so they ended up talking to my mum. At my post op lap two weeks later is when I really actually understood it all.

My main advice would be;

to take a pillow for the car ride home for in between your seat belt and belly.

A hot water bottle helped me, I had one basicly glued to me for the shoulder pain (you may experience shoulder/chest pain as they do put gas in your belly to have a good look around) mine latest for a few days and for me was the most painful part of recovery.

Have someone who can help you for the first few days if possible, have everything ready for when you get home, keep everything close by!!

Have some sanitary pads, ready at home as you will have some spotting after.

Take recovery slow, don't rush back to work or activities, let your body heal 💛 My doc said a week recovery at the most but I listened to the ladies on here who suggested two weeks, I ended up needed a third and so happy I listened to my body.

Sending you lots of love x


Hi ladies, thank you so much for all your replied! I'm having it done tomorrow so feeling very anxious but very excited to get some answers.



I had my laparoscopy on 30th June and told my work I'd need a week off but now I'm still off as I didn't account for how exhausted I'd be.

I'm planning to take the rest of this week off also so that will be 2 weeks!


Had mine today, wow i look pregnant!!! Is it normal to hurt when trying to wee. I was told two weeks do nothing much at all not even lift a full kettle but it will take 6-8 weeks to feel normalish


I had mine yesterday and they advised between 4-6 weeks off. You defo won't be able to do the trip. I'm very sore today and moving even to the toilet is hard! Good luck. I would advise to bring a pillow, it really helped me with the comfort side after. Xx


Hi everyone, had my laparoscopy on Wednesday, I was told when I woke up all they discovered is that I have tilted womb. I feel so disappointed, after all the pain I've been in I wanted more answers, and now I feel like I'm back at square 1. Nothing else was said too me after that and I was sent on my way.


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