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TTC with endometriosis

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Hello everyone.

I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there trying to conceive baby number 2 or 3 who has endometriosis and has been on a contraceptive in-between.

I had a laparoscopy back in 2014 due to pain and infertility and they diagnosed stage 3 endo. Soon after we were super lucky to get pregnant and have my little boy. We decided to try again quite soon after as my consultant said if we wanted another children not to leave a long gap. When my daughter was 14 months I went onto the Depo injections to switch everything off. My periods stopped and the pain wasn't as bad. After nearly 3 years I have come off the depo as we would like to try for a third baby if its possible. My periods are back regularly again but no luck on the pregnancy front. My endo pain is getting worse again. I know i'm sooooo lucky have 2 children but the broodiness is awful again!

Anyone else been in this position? How long did they try for before another laparoscopy maybe? I'm just wondering if the depo did slow the growth of the endo down or whether it's grown back quite a bit in the meantime and there's no chance of conception. I'm 34 btw.

Thank you in advance... it would be lovely to have someone to talk to about it as i'm feeling rather down and inpatient atm.

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Hi- so my second baby took 2.5 yrs to conceive and that was after a investigative laparoscopy which confirmed I had severe Endo.My third -I’m currently 37wks, also took 2.5 years. I had excision surgery about 14 months after birth of baby number 2 as my endo returned straight after I gave birth and the pain I was in was horrendous.

It can take time unfortunately but don’t give up! If ure struggling with pain etc then have a lap done as it may help clear out ur system x

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LucyAM in reply to Rehanat

Thank you for your reply. Congratulations on your third pregnancy, that’s wonderful news and reassuring that it can happen. I just need to keep trying and not give up like you say. I think I will try and get another lap because I have some new symptoms and fear it may have spread. Also like you say it might help clear my system x

It took me 7 years and 3 surgeries 1 chemical pregnancy but we did go on to have our 2 year old daughter. I also have a grown up son before I met my hubby. Since having her we have had pregnancies but sadly all losses- we lost our daughter Amelia at 20 weeks in November last year , another chemical pregnancy in January , a pregnancy of unknown location in March and I'm now 3 weeks 5 days pregnant. I'm under a recurring miscarriage specialist and will be getting better medical support for this pregnancy. For us since having my endo treated and having our first daughter I can become pregnant easily but we have issue staying pregnant. I'm hoping that this is our rainbow baby 👶 Getting pregnant with endo is definitely possible! I wish you good luck with the trying and hope you get positive test soon 🤩 Xx

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LucyAM in reply to Jess1981

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear you have had several miscarriages and lost little Amelia. I had a miscarriage in between my two and it’s so upsetting. Congratulations on being pregnant, I really hope you are successful in getting your 3rd child. I love the idea of a big family but it isn’t easy for some of us. I hope in time I will relax more about it and keep trying but be able to carry on with life in the mean time - it feels a bit consuming mentally at the moment. I’m going to see my consultant soon so hopefully I will feel more reassured. Best of luck x

Hey, I have a 3 year old daughter and have been trying for baby number 2 for about 1.5 years. I was never aware I had Endo until about a year ago. I was diagnosed with stage 4 and bowel involvement. I recently had an MRI and now need one of my Fallopian tubes tubes removed and they have recommended having IVF. I’m still hoping to try naturally before this. It feels very frustrating and I constantly feel like I see so many pregnant people around me and so many children playing with their siblings. I try and keep busy but it is always on my mind everyday! I’m sorry you are feeling down about it. I would suggest asking for a scan or MRI first and then having a laparoscopy and then at least you can find out what is going on and make decisions from there. I’ve gone private for a few or my treatments as the wait times are so long at the moment. I haven’t been on the pill since before my daughter which I think is why mine got so bad so quickly. I definitely would have tried for another baby sooner had I known I would’ve had a problem. Wishing you all the best xx

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LucyAM in reply to Roobs33

Thank you for your reply and sharing your story. I too have gone private at times because the waits are so long and now Covid has delayed things further. I’m not sure financially that will be possible this time but will have to see. I know what you mean, it seems everyone is pregnant. My sister, sister in law and neighbour have all just had babies so feel like it’s a constant reminder. The hardest thing with Endo is not being able to see what is inside and what is going on. I have new pain symptoms since coming off the depo and do worry more is going on, I guess a scan and lap is the only way to know. I hope they are forth coming with those things. It makes it harder if you have to battle for the treatment you need and want. I do wonder though if the depo hasn’t been as effective as I had thought and I too should of come off it sooner to try for a baby but the pain was too bad before when I tried as wasn’t on turmeric tablets then. It’s also then taken awhile for my system to switch back on after the depo. Anyway thank you for your message. All the best, I wish you luck in completing your family x

Thank you, so sorry for your loss too so heartbreaking 💔 it's very hard trying and watching everyone fall 🥲 I'm sure it'll happen soon for you soon. Xx

Hi Lucy, i dont have any advice but i too am ttc but for my 1st baby. I have Endo and Ive had 3 natural miscarriages in the last 3 yrs. i have added complication of adenomyosis. the good thing is you have age on your side. I am 40 and panicking abit. I take several supps and tineric and ginger tea to reduce inflammation, thats keeps the pain under control if that helps. I hope you get your family soon. I wanted a big family cant even have one baby at this rate. However i am hopeful given i am trying really hard and so many success stories on here. Best wishes xx

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LucyAM in reply to joey81

Hello. Thank you for your reply and sharing your story. I often feel very alone as don’t know anyone else with Endo and so it’s a comfort messaging on here. I’m so sorry to hear of your losses and really hope you also get your family soon. I know, it does help to hear that many people do get there eventually it’s just the not knowing that I find hard. Thank you for your advice I will look into those things. I’m currently trying to get an appointment with my consultant but they are so busy no one is currently picking up the phone! Best of luck to you x

Joey, did you say you take turmeric tablets? I also do but have reduced my intake as im worried it can affect conception but then my pain is worse. MA GP I went to see, wouldnt even acknowledge them so unsure as to whether they are a problem or not x

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joey81 in reply to LucyAM

Oh the GP! No offense to gp’s but they dont have much upto date info and not fertility specialists or specialists in anything for that matter. Your better off doing your own research online. Yes i take tumeric 400mg twice daily. Have you got ghe book “it starts with an egg”? This is a general ttc book but also has some guideline for us endo sufferers. Im trying to have anti inflammatory teas like ginger and tumeric, try to cut out wheat and caffeine. I got pregnant this time while on tumeric but asa i got my bfp i stopped taking it. Also join the fertility network for more ttc advice xx

Hi I'm trying to conceive my 2nd. My first was a little boy. Had a laproscophy in April. So I know haven't been trying long. Getting nausea before my period each month so get down when not pregnant as keep feeling so poorly. Hubby says how lucky we are to have 1 but I'm so desperate for another. Plus everyone seems to be announcing pregnancies left right and centre including loads of people whose first is less than 1! So really feeling it. If you ve no reason you've been told otherwise you just need to keep the faith I guess ❤❤

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LucyAM in reply to JenRow7

Hello, lovely to hear from you. I know what you mean - everyone seems to be pregnant at the moment. I think when you desperately want to be yourself you notice it so much more. We are super lucky to already have a child but it doesn’t stop the feelings of broodiness coming back and they are hard to suppress. It is also tough when you don’t feel well and the symptoms mimic early pregnancy ones. I was super sensitive the first few months of trying but I just couldn’t keep that level up and so I guess I have relaxed a bit more now - 5 months of trying. But feel very sad about it. I’m seeing my consultant at the end of this month but I guess even she will not be able to predict what will happen. I just don’t know whether I should keep trying or try and get another laparoscopy in the hope that might help. JenRow 7 did you have a laparoscopy to get pregnant with your little boy? Best wishes and fingers crossed you get a positive test soon xx

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JenRow7 in reply to LucyAM

Yeah I'm just feeling very time pressured! No I had endo taken off my bladder the week I got married and that was my diagnosis. So I had cysts when I got pregnant the first time. I felt so well after surgery this time just seems to be getting worse so quickly. I know I have to wait longer and be more patient.

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LucyAM in reply to JenRow7

I too feel worried about the time it’s taking. I don’t want a big gap between my children but with Endo I guess we don’t always get a choice. Some people are so lucky that they can plan when they get pregnant and it’s all so straight forward. I had thought that being on the depo injection would halt the Endo growing but it appears not to of done. Now I’m off it the pain has come back badly and I’m worried what’s going on inside. I’ve gone on the Endo diet as am desperate to do anything I can to help. Tbh it’s very restrictive and a bit depressing but doing my best to stick to it strictly. I wish I had a crystal ball so I knew what was going to happen in the next year!

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JenRow7 in reply to LucyAM

Yeah same. Just got to remember that a few months extra won't be a big deal once you are pregnant. I was just hoping to get lucky. I had de po injection in my 20s and it triggered awful migraines for me. I actually think de po is stronger than the pill or coil and wouldn't be surprised if it takes longer to leave your system. That's what a fertility clinic lady told me....but not sure if its true. Good on you for the diet I will look into this now but I am a terribly fussy eater. How do you track your cycles?

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