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Hi all. Just hav a question i hav had a laparoscopy done last October. Had this done due to fertility issues. This was done by a fertility specialist. She found that i had mild endometriosis and told me she removed it all. However since she has done this im in pain pretty much every day. It took abt 6 weeks to recover. She told me it would only take 1weeek.

I went to see just a endo specialist and wen he saw my photos frm that surgery he told me that she left alot of endo behind. Im now got my next laparoscopy booked February 2nd 2016. How long should i take off work. I lost my last job. And worried that i may loose my new job if i take too much time off.

Thanks for listening xxxx

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  • Hi,

    I had a lap last summer, and was originally signed off for two weeks, but then the GP signed me off for a further week as I was still healing after the two. I would use your previous experience and get either the surgeon or your GP to sign you off for a reasonable amount of time and then you have the letter for work, and can let them know in advance. I don't know your work situation, but there should be reasonable allowances for time off following surgery. I hope you have a better time with it this time around :)

  • Thank you so much for replyingi think i will take 4 weeks just to b safe. However my job isnt very understanding , i will b very suprized if they keep me on. My health comes first, so thats what i will think abt. Hope u are going ok and ur not in too much pain urself xxxx

  • Hi there. I was just wondering who your endo specialist is? And goodluck with your surgery. Love and light. :)

  • Hi darling. My endo specialists name is simon gordon he is in Victoria. Xxxxx

  • I am in Victoria also and looking for someone. :) thankyou. Would you recommend this guy?

  • Absolutely. A friend of mine has ebdo also and highly recommend him to me. He really knws what he is doing google him he is in east melbourne. His phone number is 9495 6889. U will get all ur answers frm him. Dnt waste anytime with anyone else. Xxxxxx. If u need anything im hear honey xxx

  • After my first lap I was signed off for 2 weeks. I found the 1st week was the first but theyd only given out basic painkillers if I remember rightly which were useless! luckily I had stronger ones on prescription and found they made the 2nd week much better. I went back to work in the 3rd week but just asked if I could wear jogging/loose bottoms for a while.

    I think I am extremely lucky as I have had very understanding managers in my career about time off. I've just started a new job (it's my 2nd month!) and had to sit down after my first 2 weeks to tell my new boss that I might have another cyst/investigation into my pain. I knew in the first few seconds how it would go down and was blown away by his understanding. I am quite committed to my job though and said that should I be signed off for any surgery that once I'd stabilised at home I would work from home intermittently to not impact on others. Normally I hesitate to offer that but as I'm still new, I want him to know I'm not mucking them around and I damn well want this job! :-D

    That said, everyone recovers differently and some may not be able to offer that option (e.g. hands on type jobs) or feel in a fit state to do that.

    Really hope your surgery went okay and you recover safely and speedily.

  • I took 3 weeks off sick after my lap last month. And I wish I had taken another week because as soon as I was back traveling to work I was in a lot of pain.

    I thought if you have a sick note then a work place can't sack you.

    If you don't feel up to it after 2 or 3 weeks you can always ask your doctor for another week or two. I used to phone my GP and she arranged all my sick notes.

    With regards to work I told my manager that I wouldn't know how long I would be off until I wake up after surgery and find out how much was done and how well the surgery went. But gave him a rough idea of 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Thanks so much for ur reply xxxx. Im now on my 2nd week off work after surgery. And decided to take another 2weeks. My boss atm seems to b ok with it. Thank god. This surgery has gone way better than the 1st. Xxxxxf

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