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Problems post op

Hi ladies,

I had my lap 30th March, so a week an half ago. I have only just started having regular bowel movements the past few days but when I go there is a lot of blood, although I am having pain in my stomach when I go, there is no pain in my rectum. Then today as I cleaned up I saw a fresh blood clot. Sorry for the graffic description but just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this after an op? I have called my doctor and he is ringing me back this afternoon. I wasn't told that I would experience this an can't find anything on the Internet.

Thanks xx

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I'm afraid I'm not sure as it hasn't happened to me personally but I'm sure you will get it sorted. I hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi Jessica, I feel your pain Hun. I'm feeling the same as you since my 3rd lap on the 31st March however I haven't got the issue with bleeding because I've already had a full hysterectomy. I have my stiches removed tomorrow so I'm going to see the doctor as well. Good luck Hun Julie xx


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