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Intercourse after endometriosis OP?

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I had my op 4 weeks ago,

have any of you ladies tried having sex, was it still painful even after the endometriosis operation.

I get the random pains on my right hand side like before does this mean I will still have pain during intercourse

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I would give it time. Internally it takes a while to heal. If that is an area of damage it will take longer. Hope it eases for you x

Hi, yes you'll still have pains for a bit as you're still healing inside. It can take up to 4 months for any surgery pain to go so just take it easy for a bit :)

The pain may feel like it's in the same place as the endo as our bodies can't tell the difference between endo pain and removal of endo pain so don't worry that will go over the next few months.

I was impatient and only waited a week lol!!

Hope all gets better soon xx

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Nwabz07 in reply to luthien

a week LOL hahahahahahahahah

oh no Ive been looking forward this and now I have to wait

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luthien in reply to Nwabz07

I know right! some of us are crazy!

You can just take it slow, the pain should change from a stabby pain before the lap to a duller ache, it'll go or at least be ignored more.

I still have a little achey pain and slight bloating with sex around ovulation. But most of my symptoms are now round my period which sex during that time isn't my thing, apparently it's supposed to help with the cramps, I'm good thanks, that would freak me out! On a serious note though there may be some pain left from the lap as you've had endo removed so there's sometimes scar tissue that can irritate until that's fully softened, about 6 months ish.

After laps for removal of endo you're looking at about a 50% reduction in symptoms, then it's just a case of managing around when they happen, what to do and how to cope.

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Nwabz07 in reply to luthien

where have you been all my 9years suffering from this !!!

wow, in my head I just thought it will go away completely for like a year a or so :-(

how are you managing it though ? What did you change?

This was my first endo surgery , will start exercising

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luthien in reply to Nwabz07

I wish I'd found this during my 12 years of problems too!!

It won't ever just go away, unfortunately, as it's such a complicated condition it can have long term effects, and can affect other things like skin, bowels, other hormones.

I found exercise works amazingly, I joined a pole fitness class - sounds weird, but it's awesome! With loads of other women, who have all kinds of issues including endo so know how it all feels, I can just go have fun, get fit and be me. It definitely helps my endo period cramp days.

The main thing is not to stress - that's a big factor which makes endo worse. So take some time to reflect, look to your inner self, be calmer, let go of other worries you can't change including people. It's difficult at first, but will be amazing for your wellbeing and being calm, let stressful things you can't control just wash over you - "meh" kind of attitude to stressful stuff!

I have changed my diet, but that's sensitivities anyway; less gluten, less dairy, more veggies and fruit. I don't really do processed foods or takeaways. I find all the above can make me more bloated and during my periods it can make my cramps worse.

I found an amazing book which has helped me through my stuff, it has real stories, scientific studies and specialists input:

"Living Well with Endometriosis: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know" by Kerry-Ann Morris. It's on Amazon.

Have a read of my experience and how stuff is going:

"All this effort does pay off - my story - hope it helps !"

I think you can just search for it, hopefully it'll provide a few inspirational thoughts.

Feel free to message me xx

You should wait 6-8 weeks was what I was told to allow things to heal or your recovery could be hindered.

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