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Burning pain after sex


What should be a nice experience after sex just consists of me rolled into a ball crying my eyes out. Alongside the painful throbbing, it feels like someone has lit a match inside my vagina.

I've got my pre-op for my lap on the 10th November...does this pain ever improve after the lap?

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Hi HMPD, I am sorry you are experiencing this. I was diagnosed with endo in 2007. I had 3 lap to remove my endo (also my right ovary and left tube).

I have this burning feeling every time I am intimate. The pain and burning can last from 2 hours to few days. It is an awful feeling. One of my fertility Drs said that it could be allergic reaction to sperm. Other than that nobody knows what is the cause of it.

HMPD in reply to Yalda

That's a lot to go through. It's frustrating to not know the cause! Hmm, I doubt it could be an allergy as I started to feel this around the time of my other endo symptoms 2 years ago...


I’m not sure if this helps but I just wondered if you are getting menopause symptoms, eg drying out down there due to lack of estrogen?? I know excess estrogen can cause endometriosis, but it is possible to get both so drying out due to lack of estrogen but endometriosis due to too much. I’ve suffered with both for over 10 years, even though periods have been regular until recently.

HMPD in reply to Starfish123

Not yet as I'm 20 and not on zoladex/lupron either. I was fine before in this department until a couple of years ago when I started experiencing the endo symptoms. Although the lack of estogren could be to do with the contraceptive pill...


I get this, it feels like a raw patch of skin deep inside that stings when being touched or being exposed to anything wet. I've tried all sorts; more lube, less lube, condoms or no condoms, different pills and nothing seems to help it! I'm having a lap in 4 weeks so fingers crossed we both get some answers! x

HMPD in reply to Hidden

It's awful, isn't it! I'm sorry nothing has worked so far and hope you get some answers soon!x

Hi! For me this only happens when I have sex during a particular time of the month. Like you, nobody has been able to explain why to me. I think it's down to a change in ph or chemical balance down there. Or maybe my massive cyst is leaking?! The pain feels like it starts in the urinary tract and it's happening because I've come into contact with some slightly acidic fluid. Then the pain spreads and like you I can be in agony for a couple of hours or a few days. I've only had this problem for the past 2 years.

Same here! It's only been happening around 2 years when I started to get my other endo symptoms, so I can only really put it down to that.

A few days!! I'm sorry you have to go through that pain.

Hi, sorry to hear that your suffering. I used to get pains and burning sensation. I had my operation in August 2017 and the surgeon told me that I had endo and adhesions inside my vigina and that part of my bowels were stuck to my vigina.


HMPD in reply to Sweetyassi

How are you feeling now? They also suspect I have endo on my bowels.

Sweetyassi in reply to HMPD


I had a complication upon waking up in recovery room. During my surgery I somehow got compartment syndrome and am on crutches struggling to put my foot down completely and walk normal. My stomach is healing nicely still have pains but not like before. I'm also suffering with depression.

I had endo on and inside my bowels. How are you feeling now?


I have had several laps over the years and yes sex is pain free and enjoyable after I have healed but unfortunately this only lasts for about 10months until gradually gets worse again so enjoy while you can !!! Xx

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