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Sex after excision surgery

Hi ladies, I had excision surgery on 27 February, almost 5 weeks ago and have been healing steadily since. I have been in quite a lot of pain still so have not tried to do anything. Last night me and my husband tried to be intimate for the first time since my operation and I was in so much pain/discomfort we had to stop before we even really got started properly. I'm worried that it has been 5 weeks already and still no sign of me being able to get back to "normal". Has anyone else had similar op and any experiences like this? Is this normal or should I be worried that it's still too painful?

Just to add: I also had the mirena cool fitted during my surgery. My husband is worried the pain is more related to that instead of my operation. If this is the case, how long does this sort of pain last?

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Hello, what sort of excision did you have?

I have this too. Sorry to say, it is now three months since my op and mirena insertion and I've made love maybe 3 times. Most times we can't and when we do I suffer for it even non penetrative orgasms hurt me. The pain is much worse than before, it was just mild background tummy ache for a day, now it is sharp pelvic pain at the time plus cramping.I am even starting to wonder if I am developing vaginismus for fear of the pain.

I have also speculated about op vs mirena. Equally i do have a nodule attaching my bowel to my cervix and causing anatomical distortion which may sometimes just making things impossible. I'm trying zoladex but that has made no difference just added more side effects. I was going to take out the coil but things showed a hint of settling so am holding off for a few more weeks. The thought of taking out finding it wasn't it and reinserting to go through that month of hormone hell again is unappealing. ( I bled non stop horrendously, then finally periods stopped week 6 or so no menstrual cycle since)

It's worth being aware you take up to 12 weeks to heal internally and possibly more like 6 months for more serious ops. The internal healing process is complicated. A good description of it is here and it describes lots of causes of pain that are neither op nor Mirena.


Hi Starry

Thank you so much for your reply and I'm so sorry to hear you're still struggling after so long.

I'm not sure what you mean by what sort of excision surgery, sorry! All I know is the surgeon removed endometriosis from both sides of my pelvis, he also removed a lot of adhesions including from my urethra, uterosacaral ligaments, Fallopian tubes and generally removed lots of scar tissue that was holding everything together. He never really went into more detail than that so I'm not sure of exact details sadly. I'm having the same questions about the mirena coil, whether I should have it removed or not as it's only been a month and I really don't think I could cope with having it fitted again should it not be the problem. I have a check-up with a nurse on Wednesday do you think it is worth mentioning to her see what she thinks?

Also, it's very useful to know about the healing time for internally, I had wondered when I should expect to heal fully. I'll have a look at the link you included. Hope you manage to find some relief soon xx


Hugs x x x That is a significant amount of surgery and implies a diagnosis of deep endo if uterosacral ligaments involved, so you definitely need to give yourself plenty of time. I'd discuss with the nurse but all i can say is it's your body go with your instincts. What i would say is that my coil did settle a lot in weeks 8 to 12 and 5 weeks is early to bail for any hormone treatment it may be that a combination of op and insertion are aggravating each other. Some people don't get on with it, get a lot of pain and it doesn't really settle though. It might be worth seeing​ if you can make it to 2 months just in case you turn a corner, especially having had so much surgery, my op was a small ovarian cyst and diagnosis so less extensive.

I go see my surgeon tomorrow. After weeks determined to get the coil, out only 4 weeks of zoladex side effects have suddenly made it seem like a walk in the park by comparison so i have deferred that decision and left it in as it's all too much. It's a real dilemma . I just wish i could stop all treatments and feel normal again.

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Hi, just an update for anyone who is searching on mirena and pelvic pain or painful sex, I had my coil removed today. After 5 months I can definitely say my pelvic pain was not post operative and I did not have it prior so it's not one of my Endo symptoms.

Feeling very sore right now of course and it was very uncomfortable, tbh actually pretty painful having it removed if mercifully quick.

It may sound odd but I think I can feel it's absence in a good way already.

No attempts at intercourse yet but fingers crossed it may be less painful as a result.

Of course from an endo treatment point of view I am back at square one.



I don't know about other cases but yes I do have severe pain before actual intercourse itself. I am scared to have intercourse. It really hurts alot coz of this cysts. Just check with your doctor they would suggest better. It's more than one year keeping my husband away coz of this.

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Hi HimaShailaja, thank you for replying and I am so sorry that you are having such difficulties. I really hope you can find some relief soon and I will speak with my doctor for further advice x


Thank you


Just to say I had my lap with excision the day after you (28th) so I'm 5 weeks out as well.

I am still suffering pain and issues, though they are gradually improving a little each day. I don't think I am ready to even contemplate having sex yet, but hoping in a week or two I might feel better and different.

I have had years of chronic pain with sex though, so have the physiological issue that I know it's going to probably still hurt! I did have a lot done in surgery so you never know, I might have had relief from this symptom... We shall wait and see.

My surgeon saw me at 3.5weeks. He asked how I was and I said I was trying to not be disappointed that I still had a lot of pain. He did try to reassure me that while some ladies feel instantly much less pain and generally better after excision, some just feel yuck for quite a while and it's a gradual recovery. And that full healing might take 4-6months. This reassured me a bit more as I am getting impatient with my recovery at times.

I know some ladies do struggle with the coil and it can take weeks to settle down, so it's possible this might contribute to your pain as well (I've not had one, so can't personally comment)

Hope this has helped a little. Maybe give yourself a few weeks and try again... Certainly stop if it's painful and give yourself more time to recover. These surgery may be keyhole, but they are invasive and can involve a lot of removal of tissues and endo.


Hi I have had endometriosis excision sirgeeyb6 wks ago my husband and I tried to have sex and I'm in a world of pain I can barely stand up straight or pee I feel so much pulling on my rectual area internally does anyone know when I'll be back to normal


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