Time off work for lap?

So I've got my date for my lap, it's the 5th of October, Overnight admission. And my pre op is the 28th of September. I need to give my manager at work some sort of time frame that I'm going to need off as the pro op will only be a weeks notice. Based on them finding nothing? How long is the usual recovery and based of treatment of endometriosis does it differ? Hoping I don't need a laparotomy! Any info will help as I am handing in my notice soon as I have been offered a new job, and I am trying to plan it so that I still Qualify for company sick pay. Thanks :)!

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  • Hi its different for everyone depending on what is done while your under but with my 5 laps iv always had 2-3 wks off my gyne always gave me a min of 2 wks due to my job working with adults with special needs but my advice would be ask for 2 wks after ur lap if you need more go see ur gp good luck xx

  • Thank you for your reply. Yeah I'm a team leader in a care home. So quite an active job x

  • Yeah defo 2-3 wks then xx

  • This was my first lap and they found some endo, it took 2 weeks to be okay, 3 to be able to drive due to fatigue and dizzyness. But i also got my period and a stomach bug at the end of the second week so make sure you factor in your period as it can be extra painful after a lap

  • You certainly need two weeks possibly three depnds what they find and what they do, I had fallopian tubes removed, no endo dealt with as that was when it was found. My GP would have given me more time if needed.

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