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7th week of constant pain 4th week signed off work feeling so down still no answers

Constant severe pain in both hips, seen gyneacologist pain in pelvis and back is also worse than ever! Going back to doctors today can I get the doctor to admit me to hospital??? I can't bear the thought of been sent home again to maybe wait weeks for a hysteroscopy and any bowel investigations needed. The pain has been horrendous all weekend not sleeping or eating and constant diarrhea. When do doctors realise you can't carrying on like this the co codamol is not touching the pain anymore.

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I'm so sorry your still in pain. Have they offered u any alternatives? Keep pushing for whatever you need I rang up every day and managed to get cancellations for my appointments. I don't no if they will admit u to hospital every time I have been to a and e they have jsut sent me home with painkillers. Ive been in constant pain for 7 months and they haven't done anything for me :( ive taken myself into the hospital 4 times since then and always been sent away. I even went to gynaecology emergency department and got no help! I'm back at work now, scared I will lose my job as ive had so much time off but how do u carry on sitting in pain all day? It's not right! It might be worth trying to go through Ur gp! I hope u get some answers quickly I feel for u xxx


Hi I'm going back to Gp this morning, what's worrying is how do they know I've not got cancer? It's disgusting they leave you in pain without even a diagnosis.

What were your symptoms everyday please? Xx


Hi, what have the docs said so far, have they done anything at all,

I would tell your Gp you want to be referred for blood test and take a wee sample with u, also tell him you need to be referred to gyne doc to start ruling things out, I no it's silly and we shouldn't have to but, when you get the the gps, cry, and show a list of symptoms your getting, explain as well as possible,

Best of luck xxx

Let us no what they say.


Been to gynaecologist at A&E on Friday he said everything looks and feels normal but sending me for a hysteroscopy??

Also asked Dr to do bowl inversyigations and then said possibly abit of endometriosis as athough it's nothing to worry about!!

I don't understand why a hysteroscopy? Xxx


Just ruling things out I suppose, have you had a ct scan or ultrasound, maybe ask Gp for them, it's all a waiting game, after a year in pain I'm now having a laporoscopy on 21st March, I've had ct SCSI internal ultrasound, pelvic ultra sound, bloods, wee test, colposcoy, camaraderie in bladder, can't remember that ones name, nothing found anywhere, apart from kidney stone but that's sorted and still no different so that was just coinsedence, had lithotripsy for that,

I've got my pre op bloods today,

Keep going and get referred to gyne doc, a sap,

Good luck


I've seen a Gynae at A&E he sent me back to my go to ask for a hysteroscopy and bowel investigations, my gp got my an appointment for the 16th for a hysteroscopy but didn't seem to care she was sending me home to suffer a further two weeks of constant pain.

Are you in constant pain? What were your results on ultrasound and Gynae examination? X


Nothing on scans, gyne examination said painful, lumpy urerus and tilted, nothing more


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