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Hi all

I had my laparoscopy and hystoscopy yesterday, when the gynecologist came to see me after I was still quite sleepy, she told me they had removed some endo but there was more that they couldn't remove at this time. My ovaries where ok which is good but she said there was lots of scaring, coz I wasn't quite with it I didn't ask any questions, I just wondered if anyone else has scaring and what it means. The gynecologist took biopsies of the endo and womb lining and will let me know the results but She said she's referred me back to my gp even though I have endo and will need more operations, why? I'm really confused with what happens now.

Thanks in advance.

Rach. X

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I know how you feel! I was so confused the next morning because I vouldnt remember what the surgeon told me! Have you got a follow up apt in 6 weeks? It's bad really that they tell us whilst we're away with the fairies xx


No I just have to see my Gp in 6 weeks time, no follow up gynecologist appt. xx

Why do they do that? Tell us when we are out of it :-/ anyway the endo that they say was there and couldnt be removed must be active for it to be still endo- the scar tissue is the the damaged tissue thats been left from old endo thats no longer actuve but has damaged the tissue leaving a scar.. This is what can cause pain as the scar tissue can be tight with no give (imagine a cut on your arm- then it forms into a scab and tightens and then it heals but as it heals it tightens again and forms into a scar.. Well its similar but on the inside x)


Thanks for your reply, things are a bit clearer now, I just wish they'd write to you with a report on what they've found and done. X

why tell you when you are still 3/4 sleepy from an anaesthetic, bonkers! I haven't had my lap yet but i'd call your consultant's secretary or your GP and get back in for a follow up. My consultant has told me he will see me back after my lap to see how things are going.


Thanks for your reply. I think I'll go and see my Gp she may know more. Good luck with your lap. X

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