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Day after lap&shysters copy

Hi ladies, had my laprascopsy&dye plus proceed an hysterscopsy an proceed yesterday afternoon under general.

Home an recovering well, I was so scared but over all well looked after an re assured.

Slight discomfort, nothing that a pain killer didn't cure.

Wanted to ask any of u ladies that have had this procedure an only had one lap scar near naval when I woke up that is covered in dressing no other small cuts, also I wad not told the result after just that I will receive a letter in the post from my consultant for a follow up appointment an the results I presume.

So I still do not no if Endo was found.

Had this happen to anyone else?


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Hi, glad your recovering well, was it ment to be just diagnosic, I would ring consultants secretary maybe she has some information or perhaps your Gp might have something before you, it's not right being kept in the dark, we should no before we leave the hospital, rest well and good luck.


It was also to proceed with any endo or adhesions ECt if found.

I was told before surgery I may have some small cuts under neath.

But wen I came round an looked there is only the one under my naval that is covered.

When can I take this off? X


When I had only one incision it was when they didn't find any endo on my 2nd lap. Doesn't mean you don't have it though because fast forward 18 months and I had another lap which revealed my ovary stuck to my abdomenal wall, Endo on both sides and adhesions from first lap. None of which was either there the 2nd or not spotted x


I was told an agreed with my consultant that they will proceed with any work by diathermy if found.x


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