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1st lap yesterday - not sure what my medical notes mean

Hi everyone,

So finally after years of suggesting to my doctor I have endometriosis, I finally had confirmation from the laparoscopy yesterday. The whole operation was very rushed and I was soon out the door with some pain killers and my notes. But now I just feel a bit confused. My notes say the following...

"There is no endometriosis on the right, but there was endometriosis and scarring on the left utero-sacral ligament and near the ureter. It was not safe to proceed with excision today given proximity to ureter. A biopsy was taken and patient will be seen in clinic to discuss further options given that she is trying for a pregnancy"

I'm confused because I have never had pain on the left, all my pain is on the right side of my rectum/vagina?

Why couldn't they proceed with cutting it out then and there?

Why did they take a biopsy? Could it be cancerous??

If anyone has any advice it's much appreciated, I have to go back in 6 weeks, so don't want to be stressing over nothing for all that time.

Thanks ladies xx

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I can't explain why they only found deposits on your left when the pain is on your right, but I think the reason they didn't cut the adhesions/scarring out is because it is too close to your ureter (the tube between your kidneys and your bladder) and they didn't want to risk damaging it during the procedure.

I haven't heard of endometriosis being cancerous. Biopsies can be taken to assist in diagnoses or identify how advanced a condition is, as well as to test for cancer. It's pure speculation on my part, but it may be that they want to get an idea of the depth etc of the adhesions before deciding what to do next.


Despite finding endo sticking my bladder and uterus together I was also told that it was too risky to lazar this off as either organ could be damaged in the process. So my lap, like yours, was just diagnostic. However I have since been told by other members of the forum that it can be operated on but needs a skilled endometriosis specialist. It may mean you need a different type of op for this. Despite not having any treatment I was just grateful to finally have a diagnosis. In a strange way I was dreading them not finding anything and just being told to go away and deal with my symptoms.

As your TTC I’d consider it good news that it doesn’t mention any endo on/near your ovaries, tubes etc. Did they do a dye flush to check your tubes too?

Pain is a funny thing, sometimes you can experience pain far from its origin because of the pathways of your nerves. I’ve had hip pain for years along with my endo pain but never put two and two together until I read that other endo sufferers also get this.

Six weeks can feel like a long wait until your next appointment. My head swam with questions between my lap and my follow up. Try and make a list of what you want to ask so you don’t miss your opportunity to get the answers you need. Good luck with your recovery and the baby xx


Thank you for your reply.

I am relieved that it's been found, I feel like everything that's happened since my early teens now makes sense. Whilst they were in there they did laser some bit off but the doctor didn't say where this was ( I'll have to ask when I go back)

They didn't do any dye flush. I have PCOS too and I've always been told that my left ovary doesn't really work, but now I'm wondering if it didn't work well because of the endo and not the PCOS.

Lots of questions to think about before my next appointment. Now thinking that baby making might be best put off till the new year :(

Thanks x


I could refer you to an article I read last night coincidentally, but you have to register giving your name email and a password to access this website. Here is the link if your interested, I hope you get something out of it! Let me know if you have any troubles retrieving that.



Hi Gem. I have all my pain on my right side. Was told afterward my lap that all the endo was found on the left and that it was referred pain I was feeling on my right. Still don't really understand what it means but I know that they also couldn't get it all as there was a risk of rupturing my bowel. I really don't think the best time for professionals to tell us what they found is a few hours after surgery when you're still recovering from the anaesthetic and trying to take in that you finally have a diagnosis! Hope you get some answers from your appointment x


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