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Hi all, I would love to hear from anyone who has had experience of the progestogen only pill. Did it work in reducing the endo growths, stopping periods, relieving pain, or have any side effects, or anything else that anyone would like to share.

Just a brief summary of my experience so far.

I am 38. I have a 5 year old child. Single mummy.

I was diagnosed in April 2014 with Endometriosis after having a lap. I had a 15 x 9 cm choc cyst on my right ovary, a 9 x 6 cm on my left ovary and my bowel was fused to the back of my womb. The surgeon said was unable to save my right ovary as there was no healthy tissue left, so I had a Oopherectomy, ovary and tubes removed. The left cyst was drained and cauterised.

I was offered no hormone treatment after surgery, he just said I was full of it.

8 months later I now have another cyst on my ovary, which they estimate to be around 6 cm. The doc has given me the option of prostap, or another lap to remove the cyst and more endo.

I suffer with depression, anxiety and mood swings as it is, I have been on medication for this since my teens, so the prostap is definately not an option for me.

I am unable to take the combined pill, as I am overweight, ex smoker, and high blood pressure.

I feel I don't have any options only to have the surgery, but then it will just keep growing back ......how many times can you keep on having surgery ???

I am so scared of losing my left ovary as I would possibly like to have another child if I was in a relationship.....which I currently am not.

I have been researching the mini pill....but then wouldn't my doc have suggested this if it was any good.....I don't know......

I have my appointment tomorrow....any advice is much appreciated and welcomed, however small :-)

Sorry if it's a bit long....but thankyou for taking the time to read my post.

Awaiting advice...........

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I took the mini pill as my first birth control in 2013. I was only on it 3 months as it did nothing for me. I can't take estrogen based birth control as it affects my mood and gives me horrendous pains in my leg and lung. For some people the mini pill is perfect. I am finishing up my full year of the depo shot. It's a non-estrogen based shot. I can't say I personally recommend it as I have had really bad side effects. BUT that being said, If you are like me you will try anything to see if it helps. At this point I am ready to dance naked under the light of the moon while juggling hedgehogs. :D


Hey hun!

Your going through a rough time by the sounds of it! I was on the pop for a while, "cerazette".

I hated this pill! Haha I had horrific periods on it, I would bleed for 7-8 weeks then stop for 2 weeks then bleed again, it got me down and made Me anaemic, in the end I got fed up of waiting for my periods to stop as there was never any knowing of when I was gonna start and stop bleeding, I am now on microgynon 30ED, its so much better! Its the combined pill thought, it differs for everyone, see how u get on with it hun and let us know👍😊 good luck xx


Perhaps a lifestyle change would do you good, such as endo diet, excercise and some supplements to improve the immune system. You might want to try with a vit b complex for a start (then especially the active form of folic acid methylfolate, b9) , its known to help with stress, anxiety depression and regulates hormones...I used to be on med for depression and anxiety but they did me no good. Humble b vitamins have brought me back from the dead, literally. Before you take the pill try helping yourself with a more natural approach. x


I've been given visanne which is progesterone only and currently around a month in and feeling ok. Did have my period this month though. X


I was on cerazette for a few years, worked fine for me no side effects and no periods and no more pain. The only thing is that it does not cure endo in any way, it's just a pain reliever. Im off it now as im trying to get pregnant but if it wasn't for that i'll probably still be on it.


Have you considered a mirena coil? It means the progesterone substitute is in situ, and so it's easier for iot to act; and it can be a lower dose - better for the body; and, as the prog. is not first in the rest of the system and blood stream, then it does not need to be processed first by the liver - livers already do enough in my opinion!.

I know mirenas are not for everyone, but I didn't have mine until mid 50s - when things got really, really bad during my perimenopause. It took a few months to settle down, but was bliss for 5 years. Wish I'd had one decades earlier. Do have to be replaced every 5 years. NB it is your right to have one inserted in hospital, under anaesthetic if necessary.


I've been taking the mini pill because my GP suspects I have Endo and frustratingly it has had absolutely no affect on my periods. Everyone reacts differently to these things though so it is worth a try?


Hi Ladies, Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences and advice with me, it's very kind and thoughtful :-)

Well, after my appointment with my gyno yesterday, I am quite confused.

Last time I saw him he suggested the prostap or surgery. Now he's suggested removing the cyst, and my other fallopian tube, as well as a hysteroscopy, and not the Prostap, as in his words " I wouldn't want to put you through all those menopausal symptoms for months when it's not a long term treatment, 3-6 months at the most" We discussed hormone therapy and he agreed the only option would be for me to have the 'mini pill' given my family history, e.t.c.

I agreed to the lap and then asked if I could have the mini pill afterwards, to try and stop any further cysts/pain.....to which he replied,....."well we'll see, lets get the surgery done first" ?

Oh .......then to be informed that I have very little chance of ever having a spontaneous pregnancy as I have hydrosalpinx in my one and only remaining tube and even if I did it would be an ectopic pregnancy. He was talking IVF........omg....... in shock.......feeling bewildered.

Well ladies , I'll end it there... awaiting my appointment for my second lap in less than a year..... xx


My body seems to hate progesterone. In fact I believe it kickstarts the pain for me.


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