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arguing with myself day in day out, other opinions please! (It's a big long winded)

I'm going to go on a bit of a rant so please excuse me! where do I start? I had my appendix out at 14 (keyhole) I've been on the pill since before I started having sex at 15 but due to the fact I was 15 and forgetful when I turned 16 I got the implant as not to forget my contraception. up to then I had no problems that I noticed, I just thought my periods were as bad as anyone else's. well after 6 months of constant up and down with the implant, I had it removed first because I was bleeding heavily for near on 3 months it was making me ill & secondly because it gave me severe depression after my GP recommending I keep the implant in and stay on the pill, so at 16 and I half, I took myself off the pill and the implant in the hope that detoxicing my body of any man made hormones might help my periods, that's when the problems started!

Me and my boyfriend (who is now my husband) I have only ever been with him, started just using condoms granted at 16 almost 17 we were not as careful as we should of been. But I noticed that I was having pain when having sex at first I put it down to not being aroused enough, or strange positions. It got to the point where I couldn't even have him near me, both of us felt bad as I was in pain and felt like I was letting him down and he felt horrible for hurting me so for a while sex stopped all together, made me feel horrible!

then due to my nan having a cancerous tumor on her ovaries we all women in my family were sent for scans, at this point I told the doctors of my pain and she said I sound too young but I may have endo, which of course I had no clue about. She didn't tell me much just to go back on the pill and go for my scan.

Had my scan in sep 13 and they found nothing, sex became toleratable but I was still in pain, I pushed at the doctors and finally I was sent to the gyne in July 14. I told him of how I had pains in my recturm when my period is due and painful sexual intercourse, loose stools and heavy periods with fatigue. he told me to keep a diary and 6 months time come back after taking my pill without a break. I told him no and he said to do it for 3 months, which I did and I bled inbetween.

When going back to the gyne he told me that he was indirectly diagnosing me with endometriosis and adenomyosis. He said that I had pelvic endo, but there is no point doing surgey until i try for a baby and if I'm unsuccessful then to come back and we can deal with the problem then. He recommended the mirena coil, which I've just had the jaydess coil as the mirena was too big.

So after my long winded story my problem is I don't know if he has just told me to try it out because I'm too young and because pelvic endo must mean it's on my bowel and it would be a big operation and he doesn't want to risk too much, or he's just forbing me off and doesn't want to pay for surgery out of their budget?

I'm so confused I can't help but keep going back as forth and thinking if there is anything wrong isn't it better to fix it now? (Even worse at the moment as I have no one to talk to about it as my husband is away for 8 weeks with work) any opinions or advice, own experiences would be highly recommended

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If it still bothering you physically or mentally then I would go back and demand a laporoscopy to diagnose, there maybe something surgically that could help your pain, good luck xxx

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Thank you very much, I appreciate the response xxx


I had the same still battling 10 yrs on


Wow, I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully they will eventually listen xxxxx


My only symptom was pain during intercourse. The only way to diagnose endo is a lap, so really the coil may only be masking the pain/problem, the only way to get rid of endo is to have it cut out or laser end , I would get another opinion and push for a lap , that way you can see the extent of your problem if you do in fact have endo, and saying you must have a baby first is ridiculous , as that may not be your personal preference right now , I would defiantly get a second opinion xx


thank you very much, I think I will go back and find a second opinion. appreciate your help and advice xxx


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