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Suspected endo- options given, have a coil fitted

So today I saw a general gyne having been referred by my GP. I had a scan a few months ago that showed nothing, but gyne does think I could have endo.

I have suspected this for about 18 years! From the first time a GP said it seemed as though it could be the cause of my menstrual issues.

The gyne has basically said he just wants me to have a coil fitted as that is the long term treatment for many people and often all symptoms go away. I told him I am really apprehensive about that. You hear all the horror stories about people bleeding for weeks at a time. I can't use tampons as they just hurt and make me cramp even more and the idea of potentially using towels for an extended duration is just revolting. He just kind of shrugged that off. He said i could

Continue taking my pill along side for the first two or three months.

Now my problem is I still feel totally in the dark. He won't do anything else and I just feel miserable. I have paint and bleeding during and after sex, bleed from my bottom during my period, I have lower back pain that his becoming more

Constant and menstrual cramps

That start sometime 5/6 days before my cycle and continue for 4/5 days during. I am sat at home and I feel totally depressed. My husband just quoted back the statistics that the gyne gave out about all the women in the world that use the coil successfully and I just wanted to punch him in the face. I am fed up

Of feel exhausted and in pain. He was nice but didn't really listen he just read the scant notes from my GP. What to do next. He is going to send for me to go back and have a coil fitted but I am really not sure that is what I want 😥

Any advise welcomed x

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Surgery was the only thing that helped me, if I can be of any moral support there's plenty of people I've wanted to punch in the face or better yet let them have my endo pain for a few days


I'm waiting for my first lap but at my last appointment I was told/advised to have the coil and I said yes fine, because I needed anything to help the pain. My op isn't going to be until late December so I decided to try the depo injection and my life has improved so much. So on the weekend I actually had the implant put it. Now just to find the route of these problems!! Have you tried anything else? The coil isn't for everyone - you just need to weigh up the pros and cons x


I have changed pill so many times, combined ones, I tried the mini pill and it just made me ill. So other than the constant hopping from pill to pill and keeping dosed up not much else. What can you do, I eat healthy and I exercise regularly. I am 34 and have had constant problems when my periods started at 14! My husband is army and we move a lot so every time we move it is a new GP practice and starting all over again. I will have this coil fitted but if the pain in my lower back does not go away or I still experience pain during

Intercourse then I will just scream! I have managed pain for many years, but I started back at work ( I have been a stay at home mum for nine years) last October and I find it harder as I have to be able to function. But I am surprised he wants me to go back to him to have coil fitted . I thought I would go to my normal GP so I am at least hoping I will be monitored and under his care to see how it goes. Xx


I hope you find something that works and helps. I've tried tiger balm and that is a temporary relief x


I actually use tiger balm for headaches! I get really bad headaches leading up to my cycle. Thanks for your help x


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