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Hydrosalpinx cyst post hysterectomy

I had my hysterectomy, ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in 1999. I am 47 now and have been suffering severe abdominal pain on my left side. I was seen by gynae team in my local hospital when I was admitted from accident and emergency dept in September last year. They got a MRI with dye testing done on DEC 27th. I have just been told on Monday past that there is a large mass on my left lower abdomen and it is a Hydrosalpinx cystic mass. My local hospital are now passing me onto a more major hospital as they said my endometroisis had been so severe and surgeries complicated that they don't want to get involved. I had blood tests done by them this week to check for cancer. They have come back clear but they said a biopsy would need to be taken now. I don't know how long I will wait to see this endometroisis specialist in major hospital. Should this mass not be dealt with sooner rather than later. Mean while my pain continues so badly due to nerve pain from previous surgery for endometroisis that I am on morphine patches plus tramadol slow release and tramadol regular 50mg plus paracetamol. My mobility and ability to lead a normal life has decreased so much in past 2 years. Can anyone help me? Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? Thanks I really need some advice.

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Sweetie I have severe nerve pain and a fistula from my vaginal to my bladder so I'm peeing out my vag. I'm scared that it's cancer too, but don't put it off, I put it off and won't see a doctor til I move to florida.

Get your biopsy there's no blood test for uterine cancer there is for ovarian cancer it's called a ca-125 test but it's not a guarantee. Go to your gynecology team and get the biopsy! If they sending you up to big hospital, they are scared. Get there girl!


Thanks so much for your encouragement. It means a lot. Get to your GP yourself and get that checked out. Take care. Hugs to you ?


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