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MRI results showing a hydrosalpinx and tubo ovarian mass?

I had a phone call this morning from the Consultant with my MRI results. Apparently I have a 4.5 cm tubo ovarian cystic mass secondary to a hydrosalpinx whatever that all means....

Bizarrely it is on the left hand side but my upper pelvic/ abdo pain is on the right. The only RHS pain is in the hollow of my left hip which itches and cramps up.

He said he will revert back to the radiographer for more clarification but I don't think they plan to do anything for now but watch and wait. He said I should tell the pain specialist when I see him in the new year as it may be relevant.

Has anyone had this after excision surgery?

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Sorry to hear about your MRI result. Are you going to see the gynaecologist soon to discuss the findings? How is your GERD? Hope it is under control. I had chest/ rib pain on and off for years. I am rather afraid it is endo related. The GP think it could be stomach ulcer but I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with eating.

What was your chest pain like? I am not sure whether I want a MRI to find out something else is wrong and need surgery. Try to put head in the sand !

Hope you are feeling better.

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Hi Stella,

Sorry to hear you're suffering.

The GERD has been trending better thank you albeit with big relapses, 1 stress related and one caused by medication. Christmas went well though. Restarting rtw will be a big test.

My Consultant seemed to be of a mind to watch and wait unless the pain specialist reccomends different. I'm not booked to see him now till June. He did reassure me though that I was checked for diaphragm endo in my first MRI and it was clear.

I get hot acidy burn in the bit above my sternum but also a duller broader ache or tightness. They are both the reflux esophagitis. The ache is when it's improving after a bad acid wash or when I'm stressed and that's triggering it and also causing tightness probably.

Then I have a pain on the edge of my ribs sometimes. it's always sharp, tuggy makes me intake breath , happens more when I move and I think not digestive . I'd wondered if it was adhesions or diaphragm. It's on the right. Probably Endo I guess.

Then I have a right hand side pain which is in the soft bit of my abdomen above my belly button halfway up to my ribcage. Can be grumbling or very sharp more common in the evening. I was thinking wondered if it's likely gallbladder as it was worse on PPIs. But with MRI finding I now wonder if it's some kind of referred cyst pain.

Gastro guys says if it's digestive pain from gallbladder it's repeatably always after meals and lasts a few hours. I don't know if that helps.


Hi, sorry to hear this but it does explain some of your pain. Have you found this helpful leaflet.


Unfortunately the answer appears to be more surgery.

I’d double check which side. I wonder if it’s actually on the right? Or perhaps the pain has referred across?

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Thanks Fabbird

The write up was sketchy and my Consultant said he was going to seek further clarification.

I'm to discuss it with pain specialist who I guess will say whether referred pain to the opposite site can happen

Given they can refill and I don't need fertility,. surgery would be last resort and tbh I am not keen after all the complications I had after my last op.

It really depends on whether they are the cause of my pain or not. I've been having reflux and digestive issues since my op so other causes of my pain are not impossible as it's rhs in the vicinity of appendix gallbladder and pancreas.



Pain is such complicated stuff... so hard to tell what’s causing it and what to do. I hope you can work it out. At least you seem to have doctors taking an interest. And you’re pretty on it yourself!

I managed to get a print out of my MRI report. I just asked to read it, then asked if I could take it. With help from google I could make it out and it’s helped me to differentiate the source of different pains.

Hope the consultation with pain doc goes well.

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