Endometriosis UK

Can someone tell me why you're prescribed coc pill if oestrogen is thought to feed endo ?

I have been on norimin for approx a month and a half period was due started off light with constant pain then it just got heavier and pain was getting too much to handle after 1 month of non stop bleeding I took myself off the norimin pill and it took about 2 weeks to stop my period finally!! I was due for period 10 days ago but nothing some slight pain but nothing ....

Has anyone else had this effect after being on a coc pill for a very short amount of time ?

Also my gyne said I'm on the wrong pill as it has oestrogen in it but my lady doc has put me on all 2 different types of coc pill with oestrogen in it arrrggghhhh SO CONFUSING

I'm so over all this hormone crap, I'm all over the bloody place


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