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Boobs so sore you could cry?


Hope everyone is doing ok tonight. Over the last few years, along with all the other horrid symptoms, some months my boobs are so painful 1/2 weeks before my period that I could almost cry. They sometimes feel and look almost swollen and hot too. Bra on or off it doesn't make a difference and I have to hold them going down stairs etc to help it stop being quite so awful. Painkillers don't help. I'm wondering about oestrogen dominance as it ties in with quite a few other symptoms. Anyone else get this and found an explanation? Anyone been tested for oestrogen dominance and if so what is the process? Thanks in advance X

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I get this and have no idea why, I’ve found the only thing that brings slight relief is a cheapy sports bra from primark, it gives a little support, but not so much my boobs hurt even more, that and sitting in a very deep bath so my boobs are weightless, if you do get an explanation from your doctor can you let me know? I’m fed up with this, sometimes I wish I didn’t have any boobs at all x

Kirst625 in reply to cmbxm

It's pretty awful on top of everything else isn't it, namely as nothing really seems to help. Yes, I think I've noticed bath helps a bit as they are weightless like you say. Course, I'll keep you posted if I do ask doc to look at estrogen dominance, which I think it might be, though sussing whether if everything else is Endo first is priority. Likewise keep me posted if you come across anything X

cmbxm in reply to Kirst625

Will do 💪🏻 seeing a new consultant in a few weeks time, gonna bring it up then xx


Can totally sympathise, been struggling for 3 years with this even a seatbelt hurts, or going over a bump in the road I could scream! It came to the result they took me off the pill and I still suffered it. I do have a lump in my breast and after several tests it is benign, but They won’t rwmove it until they need to because it could affect the tissue and make things a whole lot worse.

I can totally sympathise I could and do often scream and cry with the pain.

I was only diagnosed with endo at the end of the year! Probably all connected although every doctor wouldn’t say so.

Keep strong! I tried evening primrose Oil tablets, can be bought from boots, herbal! Xx

Sounds like you're having a tough time of it too 😖 thanks so much for replying. Interesting to know you've had a lump, I think mine are quite lumpy too and worth me following Ashland's advice below. I really do think it could be estrogen dominance which is responsible for Endo, have a read of symptoms and see what you think. You take care and hope it settles x

Yes I have the same unfortunately. I went to docs years ago and spoke to Gynae apparently it’s to do with hormones and nothing they can do, it even happened when I was on the pill too :-( x

Kirst625 in reply to KatyAyesha

Yes, I think it could be estrogen dominance. It must be similar effect when pregnant I'm guessing as women mention it then too. Thanks so much for replying and take care X

Hi Kirst

I've had the exact same symptoms since 2005.

Swelling /discomfort and tenderness.

I found a small lump in my breast and was referred to a breast clinic for examination.

Following a scan and mammogram they found I had multiple breast cysts. It's a benign condition that is common in women over 40yrs.

You have to be vigilant checking your breasts and if more lumps appear you can have them aspirated. (Not as painful as it sounds).

Its supposed to settle after the menopause but taking anti inflammatory tablets can help with non underwired bras and warm compress too.

Get a referral to have your breasts checked, it will help reassure you.

Hope this helps.

Kirst625 in reply to Ashlands20

That's really helpful, thank you. The tops of my boobs do feel quite lumpy and they have been even more so with that first prostap injection. I've got next on the 22nd and a catch up with the nurse to discuss side effects so will mention it then and ask for them to help me get a check. Thanks again X

I am endo late stage 2 and I have a similar problem. I cant touch them and sometimes even the shower’s water hurt when it comes down on them. seems like there is something to do with endo!! Even though I’ve never heard it from doctors. I was lately thinking of going to a doctor...

Kirst625 in reply to Maha1989

Oo yes, shower water oww! I would go and get it checked from advice received on these resoonses, I'm going to. I did mention it to the doc a while back in a long list of symptoms but the others were more of a priority. But it's worsened and think it's time to bite the bullet and get it checked. Take care and thanks for replying X

Hi Kirst,

I get this myself sometimes. My mum has suggested I try evening oil of primrose. Not tried them myself yet but apparently they do help. My mum said she took them for years because of this. Think i'll try anything right now so its probably worth having a go yourself. Good luck 😘

Kirst625 in reply to Dreamboat78

Best of luck to you too! Thanks for the reply, have you seen Kerry M's below, about starflower capsules meant to be even better than evening primrose? X

I went to my doc with this. Awful pain, and so tender, also with harder lumpiness at the top of both, and mine was going right under my armpits both sides so I started to panic. Had scans which were clear. But consultant said I was hormonally sensitive, and that stress hormones/chemicals made it a whole lot worse (I had been really stressed with my mum being terminally ill). She also said go for Starflower capsules instead of Eve Primrose. They have higher GDA amount which is they key ingredient. So whatever you buy, look for the most GDA on it.

Kirst625 in reply to Kerry_M

Sounds like you've been having a really tough time 😞 thanks so much for replying. Yes, I think I'm hormonally sensitive too to their changes. Estrogen dominance is worsened by stress too so I think there might be a link there too. I've detected lumps in my armpits which could be my glands swollen so I am going to get it checked out at my next appointment. Take care and thanks again X

I have the same - most days now, to varying degrees. They are so hot - it's like I've been sunburnt badly, though they don't look any different. Once I had to put emergency burn gel on them to cool them down! I have tried researching it but nobody (except you) seems to mention the heat, just the tenderness and pain, or if they do it's usually heat in one area or one of them, not all over both, and seen as a symptom of infection, which this isn't.

As a whole they are so sore that sometimes just walking is agony, and first thing in the morning when I wake up and try to move in my bed - not even turning over, I cry out it's so painful. I have plenty of other types of pain on a daily basis but none of them make me cry out.

Instinctively I know it's hormonal, but I feel I'm drowning in symptoms sometimes (I have chronic Lyme too) and I've really given up on doctors, so I just try to manage things myself. Sometimes it improves for days at a time or a week, but it's very hard to say why, and it comes back without any obvious reason. Again, I can only assume it's fluctuations in hormones. I'm pretty sure I have oestrogen dominance. I have tried to introduce a lot of changes (diet, progesterone cream, etc) which I think have helped even things out a bit, but it feels sometimes like it's a losing battle against a very strong force with its own will.

I did have a lump in one breast a couple of years ago. They removed it, but found it was benign. I have to say I haven't really felt the two are connected, but who knows... the body is a complicated thing.

Sorry I haven't been much help! But it certainly helps me to know I'm not the only one!

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