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Gynae appt, confused about coc pill and internal ultrasound

Okie dokie finally had my gynae appointment which I waited 2 hours to be seen just to have a 5 min consultation, she told me I was on the incorrect pill which is norimin and suggested I have a mirena asap after telling her that I would like to try and conceive then told me I am the right candidate for surgery but said I would have chronic pain for the rest of my life (which I've come to terms with already) felt a bit gutted about the consultation as I was recovering from a severe kidney infection (was rushed to hospital and was told if I hadn't gone in I would have been dead from blood going septic) and found it hard to take on what she had to say

Just got a letter today saying I have an internal ultrasound booked for the end of the month slowly getting there yay.

Ok so what's the deal with the doctors prescribing the pill with oestrogen in it if it feeds endo ?? Does anyone know ?? Also I had been taking this norimin pill for a month and a half my period came on light with moderate pain then as the weeks got on it kept on getting more heavy and painful I have been severely fatigued and in constant pain so I took myself off it and my period took another 2 weeks to stop all together about a month and a half of bleeding so I had a miserable christmas and birthday with pad rash along with rollercoaster emotions GRRRR

Now I haven't been as fatigued as I was but my period was due last friday started getting period pain throughout the week but nothing came just wondering have any of you been on the pill for a short amount of time to have it mess with you like this ?

Bit of a novel sorry


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