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Will I need more surgery?

I had a laparoscopy in September to remove endo but unfortunately the surgeon wasn't able to get rid of it all and there is still some on my bowel. Before the surgery I was told it could take up to three months to settle down and that my first period may be painful. My period came a few weeks ago (I delayed it by taking the pill) and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but about a week after I started suffering very bad pains again and it's getting worse and worse. I haven't been able to see anyone since the surgery and my next consultation isn't til Jan 8. I did phone up my consultant's secretary and was given some advice by another member of the team who said surgery can take six months to settle. But this wasn't what I was told by my consultant, and he didn't say it would get worse. I'm concerned that the endo left on my bowel is causing the pain, rather than everything still settling down. I looked up about surgery for endometriosis on the bowel last night and have completely terrified myself. It says you have to stay in hospital for a week and have a bag fitted. I'm really worried that this is what I'll need.

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Hiya. You may want to check out the BSGE website and look at the list if accredited endo specialist centres as bowel endo can safely and effectively be removed by a specialist and only on rare occasions needs a bag. You can referred by your gp or current consultant to any of the centres. Good luck :-) x


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