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Need advise!!!

I am 18 days post op from my first laparoscopy and having the coil fitted. Was healing well but after 6 days I ended up in the most excruciating pain and ended up in the hospital. It turns out I was having a period and wasn't responding well to the coil, but told to stick with it and it will settle down. I went 5 days of that pain and no amount of painkillers would take it away. 6 days ago I had a zoladex injection again being told to stick with it and this would help give the coil chance to settle down.

Well even after both of these I am still bleeding and still having pains. Pelvic, back and kidney area.

I have no idea of this is normal or what to do? Should I keep at it and hope it settles or Have coil removed

Anyone else had this kind of experience?

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Why are they giving you zoladex after the lap?


I was in so much pain because I was having a period so close to the lap and coil. Basically everything was continually contracting. The consultant decided the zoladex would help relieve that giving the coil time to settle down.


I had a similar experience with the coil after having it fitted during my lap. It was the most excruciating contractions/spasms. Had to get it taken out in the end as it didn't settle :( Hope yours calms down x x x


I feel so relieved reading your post knowing that I'm not the only one suffering. I had my first laparoscopy and treatment for endometriosis nearly three weeks ago and I also had the coil fitted. I was recovering really well however for the last eight days I have been suffering with agonising period pain in my lower back. I literally don't know what to do with myself (other than sit and cry which I've done all morning!) I'm waiting to hear back from my consultant. I didn't think that it might be the coil that could be causing the pain. I just assumed it was a reaction to the treatment. Any advice anyone has would be great :)


Seems like we had out procedures around the same time. I feel ur pain I sat and cried for 5 days and ended up in a&e twice the pain was so bad. Only relief was iv pain relief and diclofenac superository but they can be funny about giving that out. Mine has eased slightly today. I found taking painkillers regularly and alternating ibuprofen and paracetamol based pin relief even if I'm not in pain at the time is keeping it away. Been told to hold out if I can giving 6-8 weeks for it to settle. Got a telephone appointment with my gp tomorrow to get some more advice. Hope things get better for u soon.

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i had a lap two and a half weeks ago and had coil fitted during lap. i had w week left on cerazette packet so finished that then had my usual period pain but its been over a week now and not getting any better. pain in lower abdomen, pain down thighs and pelvic area, very bad lower back ache sometimes stabbing pain, cramps and waves of pain sometimes so bad im having to bend over. pain when having bowel movement has increased and pain after. also stabbing sharp pains in vaginal area. taking na[roxen and paracetomol regularly but only just taking the edge off. also some pain in upper andomen. been sat with hot water bottle for lot of today. Back pain seems to be getting worse. I suspect i have endo on or near bowel which wasnt picked up by general gynae but i dont know. Also general gynae suspected mild hormonal ibs. but could this be the coil? i had a coil a couple years ago for nearly a year but never had this pain then. Even tho was so painful to have fitted.


Sounds like we're all suffering with really similar pain - completely rubbish but I actually feel better knowing it's not just me. I too have been alternating between ibruprophen and paracetamol - I've never taken so much pain relief for so long.

We have some Naproxen in the cupboard (left from when my bf broke his ribs!) maybe I'll have to try that if I can't cope tomorrow.

I think my consultant is going to be reluctant about taking the coil out so I'm just keeping everything crossed the pain calms down.

Keep me updated with how you're both doing - I hope for all of us that we wake up pain free tomorrow (we can wish!) :)


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