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Day 1 post lap sent home not knowing results

Had diagnostic lap and hyscoscopy/biopsy yesterday but didn't speak to consultant so no idea if they found anything or treated anything. Sent home with no pain relief on the understanding I had paracetamol and brufen at home. I'm confused as to what yo do now. I have a follow up in 8 weeks time but that's a long wait to find out. I wasn't given a sick note and told to contact my gp for one.

Surprisingly I'm not suffering too bad it's uncomfortable to move or sit but mangable I expected worse which leads me to think they haven't found anything or treated me. I just feel no further forward.

How long did anyone need to stay off work to recover I sit at a desk 8 hours a day using a PC so not exactly healthy and my boss is already asking when I'm back and I've not even had a chance to try and sort a sick note.

Also I couldn't sleep much last night but I was only down in surgery 1 hour so not like I had a big sleep yesterday is that norm... I Was expecting to sleep loads but nope.


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Aw that must b awful. What a way to be treated!!! Shocking.

I woke up from my lap & had a peek down below and thought oh I'm not bleeding so they couldn't have found anything.

I took 2 weeks off work I'm office based too. You have to wait & see how you are only you will know when your ready.

Perhaps ur doctor can shed some light as they will receive a copy of your notes from hospital. May take a few weeks though.

Hope your better soon x


Maybe you could ring secretary? It seems odd that they wouldn't even tell you the outcome. Maybe the consultant missed you in the ward round. At the very least the secretary might be able to send you a copy of your discharge summary from your admission.



That's absolutely appalling! Although I know how you feel! My first lap the surgeon spoke to me when i'd just woken up (I remember nothing) and refused to see me again, even for a follow up. I would ring the consultant's secretary, and get him to call you back. It's unacceptable, especially when you've been left like this!

In regards to time off, I believe everyone's different. I had my second lap last Monday, and I've been in considerably more pain, but that's probably due to the extensive surgery and the two extra holes. I would say take at least a week off. You may not feel it, but your body needs time to recover fully before any pressure's put back on it. I work in an office too, and I'm going back Wednesday. So over a week. Just relax, your body does need to heal.

Hope you're okay! I'm so cross for you! Such appalling after care. Sending you a hug x



I had the same experience. I'm two weeks post my first every laparoscopy and endometriosis was still a big maybe. I didn't come round from surgery until 7pm then was sent home by 8 and told to take paracetemol and ibuprofen no advice on wound care or any idea what they had done. I have three incisions so I assumed they must have found something. My advice is get an appointment with your GP as soon as possible and they should be able to view your hospital discharge note which should have some information on what they did. I also rang my hospital and told them I hadn't heard anything and had not been told of any follow up appointments and they quickly sorted me one out for the end of Dec so 5 and a bit weeks post surgery.

With regards to recovery I had no idea how long it would take and everyone seems to have a different experience I did next to nothing except wandering gently around the house for the first week mainly because I had really pain pains form the trapped gas for that long. Week two I was out and about a bit more and doing stuff for myself (limited bending and no lifting!) but more than an hour out and about and I'm exhausted still. My GP signed me off for two weeks to start with and has since signed me off for another because I'm getting dizzy after I've been on my feet for a while. He says next week I'll be fine to go back gently.

I hope that helps, just be aware sneezing (I have allergies so this has been hell!!), coughing, twisting or over extending will hurt your abs for a while after as they repair



Hey have you had an update from your consultant yet? I'm being nosy as I too have kidney pain. Xx


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