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Finally......And what to expect now

So after 4 years of agony. I have finally been diagnosed with endometriosis.....had laproscopic surgery today. I have to say even with having a 6 year old son i have never experienced pain,like this......how long will it take to recover I'm on complete bedrest this weekend and have been given a sick note for all next week. I can't sit up or bend or walk feel so frustrated I'm managing an hour at a time sleep before waking up to need the loo or in mega pain xx

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That pain is the gas not the op. They pump your tummy full of gas like a balloon so they can see around in thre nd when they deflate your tummy not all of it gets out.

I am sorry to say the only way, is the fart and belch that gas out of you by whatever means you can manage it. The quicker you can get it shifted the better you will feel. Don't be shy. Every single lap op patient will be doing the exact same thing.

It hurts like crazy and in the shoulder blades too when the gas does what gas does and rises !!!

Some ladies swear by peppermint tea to shift that gas. I found the taking a brief walk ever hour or two got it moving in me. Keep on top of the pain killers don't let them run out especially easy to do in the middle of the night before taking the next one.

The gas stage can pass in a day or two sometime takes a little longer, but it WILL get better the quicker you can get it out of you which ever end it gets too first.

After the gas is gone that is when you will know what the actual true pain of the op will be like and it won't be anything like as bad as that gas.

You will not be recovered from any lap in 1 week. So if you work you will need to get an extension to that sick note from your GP, get at least two more weeks. You will need them even if you hve a sedentary office job.

4 weeks is probably more realistic if you have minor work done inside, and 8-10 weeks for major work done inside. That dosn't mean you will be stuck in bed, just that you do need time to repair all those stabbed tummy muscles and anything else inside that got cut, poked, prodded, lasered etc. and you will need sleep because of the painkillers.

Six year old son is to be banned from jumping unexpectedly on mummy that's for sure. Tell him gentle cuddles are okay, but definitely no lifting him up into the bath or in to bed etc. Not yet anyway.

The more you drink the more loo trips you need, but equally you will need to keep your fluid levels up in order to heal quicker and you need exercise to keep your circulation going and to keep yor bowels moving. so frequent loo trips are annoying but beneficial.

Getting on and off loo is a mare. If your bathroom is big enough, place a stepladder or chair by the loo to lean on when getting up and down.

Use a cushion or rolled up towel to push down in to your belly when you need to go poo, tummy muscles cannot be relied apon and it can take some rather gymastic movements on the loo to be able to go, till the pain levels calm down. a lot of squirming and wriggling to find non painful muscles to do the work of the sore ones. Make sure the loo seat is on securely before squirming else it could become detached and that would be a disaster. (Oh have I been there LOL!!!)

your tummy might cramp and spasm a bit for a few days, so try not to be carrying hot cups of soup/tea/coffee, use a flask incase you are suddenly caught out by pain and have to hold on to a wall of something or get someone else to carry them to you. I kept bottles of water on the floor near the bed to save getting up more than necessary.

The cushion or rolled up towel thing can also help with farting, laughing, coughing, sneezing and so on. Bizarre things you take for granted, but can be a tender experience post op.

Use a trolley at the supermarket even if only buying a few things, so you have something to lean on (instead of a zimmer)

don't try and lift shopping bags from trolley to car boot till you know you can manage that, ask for help from the supermarket staff if you need it. They will help out and you might be very grateful for that help in a week or twos time. Better still let hubby take the strain and young master reddevil can also help mum out a lot. Kids like to be useful when mums are in pain and not chipper, so it is a good time to get little ones pulling their weight too, even helping clean and dress the holes once they have got passed a few days. but only if he has washed his hands thoroughly. Keeping hi involved in mummy care keeps him aware of what's happened and hopefully remembering not to use mummy's tummy as a trampoline.

Aside from that, Belgian chockies are a very good medicine, so too are chickflick DVDs and books, and plenty of rest and fruits and vegies with meals.

I'm sure other ladies will also have tips for you post op.


Awww thank u soo much...Yeh I have been using the cushion against my tummy for coughing and laughing...and told people not to mke me laugh. At the moment my son away for the weekend as for sick note I'm not due bk till week on Monday and I'm sat in a chair all day.....I feel very sore n grumpy lol xxx


Hi I went back to work after a week but although I was there didn't get much work done ! It was hard to deal with customers and went to bed early as was exhausted but if you need to be back at work just don't lift anything and take it easy. Two weeks off would have been better but I didn't have a choice so just kept ontop of painkillers. It does ease after first few days once gas has gone but all depends if they did anything. Mine was diagnostic lap but they did laser some away. Everyone recovers differently but just do as much as is comfortable and don't over do it or you will take longer to heal x try and sleep as much as possible as your head will still be groggy for a few days too x


Hi, I had my lap two and a half weeks ago. I did complete bed rest for the first week and by the second week I was improved and now I'm pretty much back to normal and going back to work on wednesday - so will have had 3 weeks off in total.

Make sure you stay topped up with painkillers at all times! Paracetamol and then two hours later nurofen and then back to paracetamol..........and get some peppermint trebor softmints, they take the gas pain away from ur upper tummy and chest and shoulders.

And be prepared for your first period! Omg I've never felt tummy and back pain like it, apparently your first period is affected by them prodding around in there.

Have a shower everyday and make sure u blast ur stitches with the water to keep them nice and clean and then use a fresh clean towel every day to dab them dry - the last thing you want is an infection.

Drink plenty of fluids and make sure you get up every hour or so for a walk to keep the blood flowing nicely so you avoid blood clots in your legs.

In a few weeks time you will be back to normal.

Take care x



I ended up having 6 weeks off from work on my last laporoscopy. I had laser removal but ended up with an infection and was in agony!

I feel for you with looking after a young child, i am lucky enough to

have 3 boys my youngest is 2 and im going towards having my 4th laporoscopy as im in unbelievable pain and goto bed with the kids at 7 as im


Hope your recovery goes well and is quick! Make sure you get lots of rest, my saviour was my box set of friends dvds!

Let us know how you go!


Yes.I'm a single mum too so I've made sure he's at grandma's for the wkend till sun night anyway.....I can't walk, struggling to turn over in bed....they kept me ages yday after op as I wasn't weein properly, I'm now worrying about when its time for a number 2 ha thanks for all ur advice n help xxx


The pain is most likely the gas - usually it goes in a couple of days, the last lap I had it lasted five days, and I couldn't even lie down, I was trying to sleep sitting up which didn't really work! No one warned me about the gas pain before my first lap and I honestly thought I was having a heart attack or something, it can be awful.

There are things that can help - peppermint tea or peppermint cordial with hot water are great. Get someone to rub your back for you - essentially, you need to get that gas out, whichever way possible ;) It will gradually dissipate, but the nurse at my last lap told me to do things to encourage burping - fizzy drinks, back rubs etc. It does help!

You may be ready to go back to work in a week, but you may not - although the incisions are small, you can be very bruised and swollen inside and the surgey can cause major fatigue. I needed three weeks even after my diagnostic lap.

Hope you feel better soon



I had my first lap yesterday and they removed a severe amount of endo from my left side. Like you I am suffering from the effects of gas in my tummy and under the ribs. I didn't sleep too well last night due to it but found gentle massage on my tummy and wiggling my hips helped a little bit. I was also propped up by lots of pillows. I started to get tummy ache at about 3am which I knew meant I needed a number 2 which like you I had been dreading! First attempt was agony as I was trying to use my tummy muscles but an hour later, thankfully it was easier. I will certainly be trying out the towel technique next time. Do you find that when you breathe in deeply your lower ribs hurt?



Its not so much the gas its my muscles n the tenderness inside...the gas is a nightmare though my friends bringin me peppermint tea later, and u haven't been for a 2 yet x


I cannot recommend enough getting something like senokot to get things moving and soften things. The anaesthetic makes you more constipated, and the first number 2 can be the most horrific poo of your life! If you don't feel comfortable getting a friend to get some for you (i know a lot of people find poo embarrassing) at least get some plums and drink loads of water.

I have to agree about the first period - get some really thick super pads, I was bleeding through them in less than 20 minutes at one point. In fact, by the time I'd got down stairs I had to go back up and change so end up sitting on the loo for an hour or two to save the effort!

Get well soon ladies X


Sorry girls I'm stressin a bit is it normal to get a temperature after surgery I had my lap yday xx


I remember having hot moments in bed a bit like when you know a cold is coming but as your body is trying to heal I put it down to that. If it gets really bad you should have a number for ward you were on so if you worry about anything call them. Don't be scared to ask if anything is worrying you. X take it easy x


Haha just to let u all know the peppermint working a treat my boyfriend shaking his head at the noises coming from me tonight haha thanks for the advice Xxxxxx hope ur all ok


dear impatient , can i just say , what fantastic advice!!!! wish id had you there when i had my first lap 18 months ago. im going for my 3rd in 4 weeks and im so dreading that gas pain. im going to get my partner to read your reply as i dont think he understands just how painful its going to be for me. he's expecting me to be fine after 2 or 3 days because he heard the words key hole surgery and day surgery mentioned. On top of this though i am worried about bleeding out again as i have a type of haemophilia. il have the ddavp treatment needed to help my blood clot before hand but at home its a worry ,esp if i pop my stitches again. any further advice ??? and good luck , the lady is right , the gas bit is the worst pain , mine lasted a week and a half , after that it was so bad , just sore with the odd twinge of pain. xxxx


sorry edit note , meant "after that it WASNT so bad" xx


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