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Post-lap op from N&N

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I had my laparoscopic surgery this morning to get a diagnosis. I'm home now but asked for the results to which I was told I'd be coming back in 6-8 weeks to see the doc again. Is this normal? Thought I'd get my results there and then.

Also I asked for a sick note from the surgeon during my consultation but I have come home empty handed. I was wondering if this was normal for the N&N from those ladies who have been there for their surgeries? Will the note be sent to me? I forgot to ask before I left, wasn't until I was halfway home I remembered I add for the note earlier in the day.

Also, Soz for all the questions, my mouth and nose are really dry, having trouble swallowing food without water. Is this normal?

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Hi Miss Wendy, firstly i' m glad you've had it done and feel ok. It is normal to not get your results, usually because you are still groggy and even though you think you are aware of what's going on you probably aren't. The results should be sent to your GP within a couple of weeks so try asking them what the letter says.

I would either ring them to ask for a sick note or again get in touch with your GP as they could easily do this for you.

Yes it is normal for your nose and mouth to feel dry, its down to the anaesthetic and should soon wear off. I will warn you that although you probably feel good at the moment once the anaesthetic starts wearing off you will be in more pain and you will get a lot of pain in your shoulder blades though the air pumped in. I drank a lot of flat lemonade which did help me.

Let us know how you are getting on and if you have any more questions x

Thank you so much for the heads up Nicola, I was wondering why I felt OK when I'd read everyone else had pain. I expect I'll wake up tomorrow with the bad gas. I have plenty of peppermint tea, wind ease tablets and pain killers for when it happens. Thanks I will give my doc a call, maybe next week, maybe I'll receive a note in the post from hospital before then, if not then I'll call docs x

Your mouth is try because there was a tube in your airway to help you breath, so that is why you need to drink a lot. Ad well you had a catheter, so as well drinking will help to make sure you wont get urine infection.

You need to call and ask for a sicknote. I got one when i left hospital for a week and for another 1 from gp, because i wasnt well enough to work yet. Just call gp and explain the situation.

For results they should told you when you were there not waiting for 6-8 weeks!! As well just call gp for more information. You dont want to worry in this time about what they found and what did happen with surgery.

Good luck with your recovery.

Hi sweetie - I am in exactly the same boat as you.. I had my diagnostic lap last Wednesday and was told that I'd have to wait for my post op appointment for the results which I found really disconcerting... my pelvic pains are back and I'm fed up! Big time.

As for the sick note.. Our hosp offered to give one but I was okay as I already had time off certified with work.. so I don't know what the norm is there.

Don't worry about your throat being sore and dry.. I felt like my throat was closing when I came out and every little thing I'd eat made me feel like cotton wool - just keep drinking plenty of fluids ☺

Hope you're ok love x

I was told a brief overview of my results after my op but tbh I was a bit out of it from the anaesthetic so I didn't really take it all in. I was told I'd have follow up appointment in 6 weeks but I'm still waiting because they're behind with appointments. I don't think you need a sick note for the first week you're off. Recover well x

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