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Has anyone had a laproscopic hysterectomy?

I had a laproscopic hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and after five days got a sharp persistent pain that goes from left of naval (slightly lower) down to as far as it can go. The dr says it is muscle damage and has prescribed diclofenic which takes edge off but it is still enough to wake me at 3 or 4 and stop me falling back to sleep. There's no infection and I feel well otherwise, just wandering how long its likely to take to get better so I can get back to work etc

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I had very similar pain from muscle/nerve damage after my big endo surgery in October, sometimes the surgeon has to cut through the long muscle that runs down our front and it can take time to start to knit together so can cause the muscle to spasm and can brush against nerves in the area. It took a good few weeks to settle for me but it has improved a lot now but starts up a bit if I stand too long or over do things. I'm not surprised the diclofenac isn't working too great, its more common for pregablin to be prescribed for this (has added benefit of helping sleep!) which is neuro drug and may be worth asking your doctor about that, you may need to speak to your gynae (via their secretary) to get more help. That's what I did but my pain from the muscle damage was extreme, I couldnt move without screaming for about 3-4 weeks and then all of a sudden one day it seemed to be massively improved!

As for work, 3 weeks post op is still very early, dont rush to go back if possible, I have learnt the hard way about going back too soon and ending up worse for it x


I had a laparotomy and it took 4-5 months to be op pain free. It does vary, and while you can get to the stage of doing most activity without too much pain after a couple of months, the odd strange moment lifting, or twisting or pushing or going to the loo for a poop and suddenly a terrific ouch hits you out of the blue and you realise that you are still healing inside and you have overdone things 'again'.

It depends what work you do as to how soon you can go back, or you may want your employer to lighten your work load for a few months. If you work in an office then so long as you are pain free driving (which is 8-10 weeks approx) then see how you get on.

it wasn't the driving forward that was a problem, it was reversing, looking over my shoulder, reaching back for the seat belt by twisting - that was causing a big ouch for me.

I would give yourself 2 months then see how you feel. there has been a lot done on the inside of you and in the past with any hysterectomy by laparotomy patients were given 2months off for recovery. 1 month is far too soon, it does take time and it does get better but be kind to battered body and don't expect a miracle speedy recovery. It will object and you will hurt if you over do things too soon before you are ready.


Thank you both of you, that's really helpful :-)

I had my sights on 4 weeks which means only 5 more days but I definitely don't feel ready and it helps to hear that that's not unusual.


I had 2 big endo ops last year - first was 8 weeks off and second was 12 weeks off due to the muscle/nerve damage and then went back on phased return. I drive 120 miles a day so absolutely had to be off the strong meds before I could got back to work. You really are early days yet so try not to feel pressured that you should be doing any better than you are x


Thank you xx


I'm six weeks post op from hysterectomy (lavh) tomorrow. I'm still getting sharp pains in my stomach, I have found each week I have felt slightly better, do not rush, you have had major op with a lot removed.

I find that I can do stuff then need to sit etc.... Most people recovering from this op are signed off work for 8 weeks.

If your on fb there is support groups on there. Feel free to pm xx


It seems my expectations were too high, I'm self employed so keen to get back but definitely don't feel ready so will give myself longer; it will be worth to be well... endo/adenomyosis have taken their toll over a lot of years so a few extra weeks recovery really isn't that bad!! Last lap :-) I hope the rest of your recovery goes well xx


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