Kidney Infection ???

Hi - This is not really an Endo directly related question but to cut a long story short after having a diagnostic lap I had a catheter fitted which then caused a UTI. I have been given three days worth of tablets which finished yesterday. The problem that I have is that I still have pain where my kidneys are and I'm really worried that the infection has now reached my kidneys. I wondered whether anyone else had experienced this or could give me any advice please.

Thank you for reading.

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  • Best to see the GP tomorrow fo r more antibiotics. UTI of bladder is common with catheter, but does not normally go up to the kidney. Best to check it out on the safe side.

  • Thank you I hope it hasn't - I'll do that.

  • I used to get kidney infections all the time on birth control pills (no one knew why) it might be that

    However my period pain also extends up to the kidneys so it could be the endo was there. Did they find any on the kidneys or uretuers?

  • Although I don't see the specialist till January I don't think Endo was found on my kidneys. I have Endo on my ovaries, pouch of Douglas and pelvic peritoneum. I've always had severe back pain whilst on my period but the pain that I'm getting is further up my back on the right just where my kidneys are and it's not that dreaded time of the month ???

  • Wherever the endo was found and removed will hurt since your bodies healing, it might be a good idea to get a urine test just in case.

  • Thanks so much for your advice - appreciate it :)

  • Did you make it to the GP? I have reoccurring UTI'S which was caused my the endo. Really important to keep on it as endo can cause painful bladder syndrome which feels like a UTI. Nightmare right? Hope you feel better soon and your ok x

  • I had quite a good night so decided to see how I felt today. My back has been alot better although throbbing a little bit now. It still does slightly burn and sting when on the loo and also have bloody streaks !!! (Sorry to much info !!!). Do you think I should still get it checked ?? It really is a nightmare yes I can't be doing with all this pain..when did you get diagnosed with Endo ?? I have found this group so helpful x

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