4th Lap no Active Endo, but bowel stuck to abdominal wall, anyone else had this?

4th lap no active endo found, but told bowel stuck to abdominal wall? Consultant said he has never seen this before and got a 2nd consultant to take a look who said the same they don't know if its old endo or another issue that caused it to be like this, he also said it has adhesions on it. He said its in a very unusual position. Has anyone else had their bowel stuck to their abdominal wall. Ive had 4 laps and was sure I had endo on my bowel, 2 laps were positive for endo and treated, 2 negative laps inc the one yesterday, feel so fed up. Been referred back to my GP for referral to different specialist, not sure on the details was a bit groggy.

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  • My bowl is stuck to my back muscle wall because of endo and adhesions. I'm having surgery on 20th November. I have horrendous back pain on and off with it. When it's painful it's excrusiating - it's like a white hot pain firing through my back and down my left leg and it lists for 3 or 4 days. I've been told this is when my bowl tears away from my muscle wall where it's stuck. It always happens if I move too quickly, stand up or sit down too quickly, twist too quickly etc... Do you suffer any pain with it at all? xx

  • Thank you for replying, sorry to hear of your pain its horrible isn't it. I get a lot of pressure sensations in my bowel during the last past of my cycle, pelvic pain and pain that radiates in to my right leg sometimes down to my foot during my period. He said my right side is very tender and was sure it was a recurrence of endo, but didn't find any. No one really understands why I'm upset by that. In the past I have felt so much better when they have removed the endo, I had great expectations. I think what is a bit confusing is that he had no idea what was wrong with my bowel and why it was stuck to the abdominal wall, I wonder if he is a surgeon that doesn't get involved with endo on the bowel.

  • Did they not un-stick it then? have they left it stuck to the abdominal wall?!?!? Do they not think it's important to free it? It'll be that Rhys causing the pain. I get a pain down my leg too and that's what it's from. It's not normal to have body parts stuck together. I would go back to go and tell them you need to be referred to a bowl specialist as well to see if they can help maybe? xx

  • No they left it stuck there and said I had no active endometriosis, but it could be adhesions from previous endo that caused it to be in that state. The bit that's thrown me is he said he has never seen one like it before, he has referred me to GP, apparently a new referral to bowel specialist has to go via the GP and he cant do it directly. he really had no idea what had caused it and nor did the 2nd consultant that he got to take a look, he even said he thought it was my appendix at first, but its def the bowel stuck to the wall. He said could be from IBS, IBD, congenital deformity (would have been spotted on previous 3 laps if that was the case). I am still convinced its endo and none of those things he suggested, I only have the more severe symptoms during my period and have no signs of the other diseases he mentioned.

    I agree with you don't know why they left it like that, I've always been quite happy with my consultant in the past, but the fact he has no idea has left me a bit baffled.

    Is your leg pain on the outside and front of the thigh?

    Thank you for answering, its a great help to hear from others xx

  • Hi

    I know how doctors drive us crazy. ..

    I have endometriosis and I had a laparoscopy a more than two years ago. Shortly after I got an auto immune disease so I am not following my endo that closely. However I had a torsion cyst as well and I had it on my stomach wall. I was told my Douglas pouch is disappearing leaving no gap between my uterus and behind. But I wasn't told it's weird. I was 4th stage of endo.

    I think it's OK. J just not comfortable with digestion and pooing. But mild laxatives work out sometimes. But I also have hernia. .

  • They really do drive us crazy, sorry to hear your suffering, its no fun at all xx

  • Was your operation at a specialist endometriosis centre?

  • Hi no it wasn't, it was actually done in a private hospital but at the request of the NHS, presumably due to back log, I think my consultant specialises more in fertility and IVF. Now I have read this forum I'm wishing it was a specialist unit x

  • The referral your GP has been asked to make, insist that it is with an accredited endo centre. You can find out your local one if you look at the profile page of member 'Lindle', as she has a link on there which shows all the endo centres in the country.

    These centres have bowel specialists on team. They are the place you need to be seen in order for them to decide if it is or is not endo adhesions. I would want a second opinion before I'd consult a pure bowel specialist. They might also be able to overall better manage any pain or symptoms.


  • Thank you for the very helpful info, I will ask my GP to refer to a an endo unit, Ive had a look and we have one not far away so hopefully can go there xxx

  • I have had 3 lots of surgery now. In my second one my bowel got perforated and then because of my midline scar despite getting worse noone would do more surgery because of being at major risk. A consultant finally decided more surgery needed to happen but in taking a big risk but thank goodness it did happen- my bowel was in the wrong place and stuck to my abdomen cavity too and my tubes were stuck to my bowel- it was intensive surgery and lots had to happen!

  • That sounds stressful, hope you have recovered well now.

    I'm seeing a general surgeon next week so will see what they say x

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