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I have pains after intercourse they feel like menstual cramps and Also after orgsam by clitorial stimulation when I'm doing it myself so no penetration is involved. These pains seem to happen the closer I get to my period after my period everything is fine untill it starts happening again. I've been taking the pill cezeratte for a month now and haven't seen any results. This is majorly depressing me as I just want to be a normal 24 yr old with my husband. I haven't been diagnosed with endo but the doctors are thinking that is what I have. Any clues to what this could be

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I think you may have endo as the symptoms you're describing sound very familiar (I've had just about every endo symptom). Please get your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist. The sooner the better. All the best.


Hi, I was diagnosed with endo when I was a teenager and then re-diagnosed with vulvadinya years later so I've been around the gyno block a few times. I also sometimes suffer from painful orgasms. My gyno assured me it was caused by my messed up pelvic floor. She had me purchase a little contraption that looks like a vibrator that relaxes and retrains your muscles. Don't lose hope on this one, see your doc.


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