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Severe cramps in bum

Hi I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same symptoms as me. Iv been getting severe pains in my bum for the past 4 months. They always start after my period and continue for up to 2 weeks. It's not a stabbing pain it's more like a deep throbbing pain that comes in waves every 20 mins or so. Iv been to see a specialist who checked my bowl and said everything was normal, and I'm currently waiting for my appointment with the Gyno for a scan at the end of the month. Iv not had any irregular bleeding, but I was on the pill, so I thought maybe this masked certain symptoms, so Iv stopped taking it now. I haven't had children yet and I'm worried about these symptoms. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

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Hi there,

I have very similar symptoms always much much worse when I come on my period, to the point I cry trying to go to the toilet when I am on and for few days after my period. From endless research it sounds common with Endometriosis that had fused to the bowl area internally and I am waiting for my appointment with our local Endo consultant and a Laproscopy to confirm. I take regular anti inflammaotries and pain medication which although I hate until this is further investigated I have to take to function every day. Lots of warm Epsom baths and I practice relaxation breathing and control my diet as much as possible to alleviate symptoms.

Just another invisible side to this down right awful condition

Good luck on your journey, seek medical abvise if you are unsure and keep pushing if you need to

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I have pain in bowel area too during period & a few days after. I have been diagnosed with pfd recently after many investigations & drs telling me the pain I feel is 'in my head'. As a result of diagnosis lately I been having physio, which has helped a little.


I suffered from this as well, it may be due to endo tissue being behind the womb between your back passage so that might be why you're experiencing pain there.


Hi not sure if it helps but you are not alone. I too had this - always coincided with my period starting and the most horrendous pain in my bum. It was usually during the night, which would result in me getting up, sitting on the toilet, crying, moving around, easing a little and then awful pain again and repeat for the entire night! The only slight easing I could find was to sit on a hot water bottle. And then it would pass and I would almost wonder if I'd imagined how awful it's been!? Silly but true! I had a laparoscopy a few years ago and and they removed endometriosis and since then things have been vastly different so my advice would be definitely don't live with it or accept it - ensure that something is done for you.good luck! X


Hi there, sorry to hear about the pain you are having. I had similar issues and it took six years of being told I just had IBS before finally being diagnosed with transvaginal endo and adhesions. I would have incredibly painful bowel movements accompanied with a lot of rectal bleeding. The pain in and up my bum after a bowel movement could last for hours and would sometimes be so severe that just sitting down was painful. The problem was pretty constant but would become much more severe around the time of my period. It was also incredibly painful for me to have inter course or any type of internal examination. The problem was that as the adhesions were on the outside of the bowel and behind the uterus wall in the pouch of Douglas they were not picked up on any scans or investigations. I was finally diagnosed after a lap by an experienced and approved bsge gyne consultant. If only I had found her sooner. You know your own body and you know if something doesn't feel right so keep pushing until you are happy with the diagnosis. Good luck. Sending healing vibes xxx


I am going through this type of pain as i type this. My rectal pain starts about a week before my period and lasts until around day 2 of it. Sometimes, I have bleeding from my rectum the day before AF begins and on day 1. The part that sucks the most is that painkillers dont seem to help when im going through pms. Therefore, i am currently at work feeling exhausted and in a ridiculous amount of pain and discomfort.


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