Has anybody had endometriosis in their butt cheek/hip?

Hi to you all. I had endometriosis which attached my bowel to my tube and had part of my bowel removed in 2014. I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant in 2015 of which I now have a 8month old. In December I started to get severe pain in my butt cheek / hip which sent an awful pain down my leg,afew days later I had my first period after giving birth (6months after) this went on for afew days on and off then nothing. Then I noticed that the pains started again just before my last period but we're many more of them and the pain was so much like what I suffered with before I had the op,I haven't gone to the doctor yet about it because I'm waiting to see if it happens before my next period as since my last one I've not had the pain.i feel so tired all the time and have so many headaches. Just wondering what experience people have had with there's and if they had it anywhere in that area??

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  • I have read of it affecting that area, but it is more on the nerve going into that area than growths actually being over there. If you look up "sciatic nerve" on google and click the image option, you'll see the path of the nerve. It comes from the spine and goes down inside the pelvis then out down the back of the leg through the hip joint.

  • OK I will have a look thanks x

  • NW is right, it will attack the nerve and that nerve will act up because of the irritation.

  • I have just looked at sciatic nerve and it does seem to be where I have my pain.im hoping it's not that I suffered with endometriosis for years before being diagnosed it's horrible and as it can't be seen noone understand how painful and debilitating it is unless you have it.

  • Endo on the sciatic nerve is very rare but endo on the uterosacral ligament is more common and can often cause referred pain down the sciatic nerve. Since you had bowel involvement and US ligament endo is rectovaginal it sounds likely that this might be the cause.

  • I had endo on my left utero sacral ligament and had the pains you describe in my right leg, hip and bum cheek. I had the endo excised and a hysterectomy (reserving ovaries) but the pain has come back three months later worse than ever. I'm assuming the endo has grown back. It's affecting how I walk quite a bit at the moment, I feel like a little old woman (I'm 39) shuffling along.

    Hope you can get this seen to, mine was missed by general gyne but the surgeon at the BSGE Centre spotted and removed it.

    Best wishes

  • Oh no you have been through it. Thanks for sharing that with me. I will keep all this in mind I'm just waiting to see if it does happen again before my period is due if so I will be straight to the doctor as I don't want to leave it. Hope you can get some relief soon

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