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Hi all

Can anybody please tell me if they find internal vaginal examinations very painful?

My gynaecologist said today that those with endo should not experience pain with an internal....?I've had examinations and smears before but today was so painful she made me cry.

I'm sure she's talking twaddle, I have pain with sex so why wouldn't I with exam? Please tell me it's not just me - she's made me feel so foolish and stupid and like it's all in my head again :(


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  • It's not just you at all x

  • Hey it's not just u I have suffered even with smears so don't panick your not only one xxx

  • It's twoddle! I have severe pain with sex, bad pain with internals and pain with smears xx

  • One hundred percent lies. Clearly not a good gyne, I have had my endo excised , internal examinations were excruciating , still are sore even now six months on , my only symptom was pain during intercourse. I was also told that because the pain was exactly the same during my pregnancy before they diagnosed endo , they said I couldn't have endo! Some just seen to have no idea ... X

  • That is terrible, I'm so sorry she made you feel that way, she is obviously a terrible doctor. She is just wrong.

    Also, if you feel pain, therefore you are in pain! I'm so sick of idiot doctors disputing women's pain, you are the patient, they are the doctor, if they can't find the source of your pain then they are crap at their jobs.

    My gynae, before surgery, that confirmed by endo, said he never would dispute my pain, he said if I'm experiencing pain then pain is there, if its not being caused by endo that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, he will just have to try a different way to find and treat it.

    Pain during examinations, with endo, happens. It's horrible and upsetting enough without some idiot doctor upsetting you and making you second guess yourself. Its really not fair that you were made to feel that way today, I'm so sorry!

    I think you should see another doctor, don't waste time and energy on someone who is obviously terrible at their job.

    I've had lots of pain during examinations, its not in your head at all! Feel better soon K xx

  • Thank you all so much, you are all so kind.

    Lots of tea and choc has helped me feel much better :) and I have put a complaint in against the doctor! I definitely will be getting a second opinion!


  • She's talking absolute twaddle, I was told that internals don't hurt at all and that the pain that I was 'supposedly' feeling wasn't real and was in my head!!! Yeah right course it was that's why I be had had excision surgeries and now recovering from vaginal repair surgery!!

    Glad that you've put in a complaint and do seek a 2nd opinion we shouldn't have to put up with ill informed medical professionals. Glad tea and chocolate have helped a little

    Take care

  • Your doctor sounds like and idiot. i have endo and internal exams are VERY painful for me. My advice is, get a new doctor :) xx

  • Hi - have you actually got a diagnosis of endo and if so where do you have it?

  • Bitch! Yes of course you can my cervix is amazingly painful with the slightest touch... How bloody ignorant off her that's another one in a very long line that needs educating sigh.......

    Big hugs. X

  • Hi, no it's not in your head, I suffer with excruciating pain on internal exams and smears, I also bleed quite a lot too and I'm sure that's not a figment of my imagination plus my gynaecologist told me it's normal when there is a lot of scarring the cervix. Hope this helps xx

  • Thanks again everyone.

    Yes, I had a laparoscopy last year which helped improve slightly but have endo on my ovaries,pelvic wall, ureter and now believed to have spread to bowel and stomach :(

    Hope everyone is having a pain free day and enjoying the sun :) xx

  • Hi - I assume this was done in general gynaecology and they had a look at your reproductive organs and probably did a bit of ablation there (burning the surface) and left the more complicated stuff in the hope that it would magically disappear. Did they stage it? Endo on the ureter is something that should be taken very seriously as it can affect your kidney function in the longer term. This is usually not diagnosed early and because yours has been then it should be dealt with to avoid such complications down the line. If they 'believe' that you have endo affecting your bowel and stomach but haven't actually looked and are proposing to just leave it to progress then this is appalling. You are likely to have endo in a place called the Pouch of Douglas, in which case pain on sex and on internal exam are pretty much guaranteed as the back of the cervix/top of vagina become glued to the bowel with scar tissue so the pain when something is pushed up your vagina and hits this area is likely to be severe and can last for days after. It is mind boggling that a gynaecologist wouldn't know this. The only consolation is that they didn't attempt to do anything themselves as they would most likely have caused more damage as this is the work of experts. Can you click on my name and look at my post on POD endo. You need treatment in a specialist endo centre as confirmed by the European guidelines (ESHRE) for endo where you have it which is likely to be stage 3/4. Treatment options do vary according to which area of the UK you are in. Where are you?

  • I believe it was ablation, it was only done last year after ten years of suffering. I'm 26 and I don't think the doctors believed anything was wrong!

    How will they tell with POD? Will it show on a scan?

    I'm pretty sure they didn't stage the endo but I'll have to find out! I'm currently in Lancashire - I'd been in Derby before and found the consultants there were much more helpful. I will read your post for more info thanks xx

  • Hi - pain on sex and on an internal is enough to suspect POD endo. An MRI would pick up on any distortion or of your bowel through endo or deep nodules of endo that you might have in the bowel area. A specialist would probably do this first as a matter of course if bowel involvement is already suspected. These symptoms could also suggest a condition called adenomyosis that sometimes accompanies endo but she should have picked up on that possibility. What I suggest you do is get a copy of the operative report that will have been sent to your GP to see just exactly what she has reported. You have a lot of choices in your area for specialist centre. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist. Can you get back when you have the report. x

  • It looks like you have already been given the answers but thought I'd also agree...absolute twaddle! I am usually left in tears and have never been able to have a smear due to it being an impossibility to use a speculum. My Gynae's words afterwards were 'sex must be impossible for you'! A transvagiinal scan had to be stopped because it was causing so much pain. This was all before surgery and other than my follow up I haven't had one since. I hope you find a better and more understanding Gynae. I may be wrong and I'm sure there are nice ones out there but I have often found female ones to be less sympathetic unless they are a fellow sufferer. x

  • Yes it's ironic really that female gynaecologists seem to be less understanding! I have just moved back to Lancashire from Derby and the two male consultants I had there were fantastic. I'd explained to the lady yesterday that sex was very painful and I was very tender as i am due on my period shortly - she was definitely talking rubbish and very unsympathetic. Bet she's never had a period cramp in her life haha x x

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