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1day post lap & questions already

Hello Ladies,

I came out of hospital today after my lap yesterday, they found adhesion's on my left ovary/tube near the bowel the dr took as much as poss but she couldn't see my ovary and tube, she drain and flushed the endo cyst on this side due to that reason.

i had a large 10cm cyst on my right ovary, all removed without damage to the ovary YIPPIE!!! I had a drain fitted as there was some oozing from the sites, this was removed this morning no problems. But overnight my bladder had 900mls of urine in; yet going to the toilet i could not void it so they put a urinary catheter in which i have come home with and need to go back 2moro and wait for the day once they have removed it to check i can fully void my bladder.

I had the coil fitted but the dr convenienced me to have a GNR (Zoladex) injection whilst asleep and has written to the GP i can have 2 more at monthly intervals to let the coil kick in. I was worried about the injection and the side effects can anyone help as I am little worried about the side effects etc.

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Hi I'm 1 day post lap too. I had a mirena coil fitted and they've diagnosed endo which is attached to my bowel. The surgical team have been brilliant and I'm fortunate that they are going to refer me to the endometriosis clinic in Manchester which specialises in more complex cases of endo. I was also lucky that everything else is healthy and clear which was brilliant news. I am sore and haven't really rested since being discharged this afternoon but feel elated that I've finally been diagnosed and that people have listened and acted on the information I have dealt with. I too have urinated a lot post op. I had a catheter fitted during my op and my nurse advised I had a full bladder. When I awoke from the general I told them I needed to the loo and had several full bladder moments throughout last night and today. I was also nil by mouth from Monday night (midnight). My op was last night at 1930 and I was completely dehydrated. I cannot explain how I've had constant full bladder, but I noticed blood in my urine which due to the op this is expected. I'm not sure what the GNR injection is and unable to comment. I am spotting but not heavy, just glad it's over and I can concentrate on convalescing and getting well again. I'm not sure if the coil will help me but after 27/28 years of painful periods I had to try. I'm sorry if my reply isn't what you initially wanted to hear/read. Hope you get sorted soon x


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