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I've been a lurker on here for a while now, and reading all your experiences, advice and support has helped me get through the dark days. Thank you.

I've been suffering with endo for over 10 years now, been in and out of hospital, lots of admissions, morphine, monitoring, advice, laparoscopies, scans, you name it, I've had it. I finally got diagnosed a few weeks ago, which was a massive relief - it hasn't all been in my mind, and it's not now being ignored. I've had male doctors telling me it's just women's pains and to man up, friends thinking I'm flaky and boyfriends thinking I'm just a bitch. Nope, it's not just me.

Apparently, it's been so hard to diagnose because the endo is on the back of my vagina (horrible word!) and by my rectum. I'm currently waiting to see my consultant for next steps. I have refused the mirena, bad experiences with hormones and the coil previously, and have been offered to be part of a GnRH drugs trial. I'm not sure. I'd like to have another baby (I have an 8 year old and I'm currently edging towards 30).

There's a lot to think about and lucky for me, it's a Saturday night, I've come on for the first time since my lap (yay! More pain! Thanks, body!) and am currently floating in a mix of diclofanax, paracetamol and codeine, with a little tramadol waiting. Basically, another Saturday of cancelled plans, miserable mooching and frantic changing of clothes due to leaks. Since going vegan and gluten free, I can't even break open the Dairy Milk to console myself.

Anyway, I just wanted to briefly share my experiences, say thank you for sharing yours, and say hi. Hi.

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No need to mention the horrible word - that area between the uterus and bowel is called the POD or pouch of douglas ..we just call it POD on here for short.

It is also referred to as RV endo or rectovaginal endometriosis.

If you are planning on baby making again - going on GnRH would mean probably about a year out of that.

6 months max on the drugs followed by on average about 6 months waiting for the ovaries to wake up and start ovulating .. but a pregnancy would do the same job as GnRH by making all the endo cells dormant while you are pregnant and for a while afterwards in the breast feeding stage.

Pregnancy is by far the better and more natural option, so if you are weighing up the two - then definitely go for the baby making option first - the GnRH can always be used again at a later date.

It is limited to 6 months max exposure in a lifetime - that can be now or later or split in to 2 lots of 3 months if you want or you can try it and quit.

Using thoe drugs is entirely voluntary they will not sure or kill endo - just by and chain reaction process causes the endo to stay dormant - but in most cases it will reactivate as soon as you start to ovulate again.

There is however a small but not insignificant risk that ovaries that are shut down - do not reawaken. Leaving you infertile and no longer producing ova.

Hence weighing up the two options - if you are determined to add to the family then my advice would be to make that the priority.

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Hi & welcome! :) x


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