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Diagnostic lap/hysteroscopy/marina coil on Monday and I've just started menstruating :(

Im going into hospital on Monday afternoon for the above, and I've just started menstruating. In so much pain feel ill. Is Monday going to completely wipe me out? Will they even do the op while I'm on? Will I have to stop taking pain meds tomorrow? I can't even ring the hospital as they're shut until Monday. Xx

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It is better that you are on - so endo is active and easier to spot and get removed. I was on for my op - and got mirena inserted too. Don't worry about it - surgeons are used to blood.

Just make sure if you normally use tampons that you invest in sanitary towels instead for this period after the op.

Can't use tampons in case they deliver an infection to a wound inside before it has healed over.

It only this period though - by the time the next one comes along you can go back to tampons - though do be careful when inserting and removing incase you accidentally dislodge the mirena strings before the mirena has had a chance to build up layers of cervical mucus to hold it more firmly in position.

Remove tampon before surgery so the doctors don't have to do that for you on the operating table. That would be a bit icky to think about afterwards in the embarrassment department.

The hospital supply a sanitary towel in your paper hospital knickers before you return to your bed from the op. They are big and bulky - if you prefer to use your own after that then its up to you.

I would go for the full flow absorbancy rather than pant liners which may not be enough for a few days as these ops can make you bleed heavier and longer.

Also if you are given blood thinning meds to prevent a DVT, that will mean a longer bleed too afterwards.


Thank you for the reply. I've just been out to buy some

Towels, I don't use tampons as it really hurts when pulling them out (I only ever use them if I go on a night out, which is rare when I'm on my period) xx and I suppose it makes sense that it's better to be on, as endo will be a lot more visible, if it is that. I keep having visions of the surgeon looking at me disappointed telling me there's nothing wrong with me! I don't want to have endo, but I don't want it all to be in my head either if that makes sense xx x


Hi, I'm having the procedure on Tuesday and have been willing my period to arrive before then, as I was supposed to have the procedure on 13/10 but it was cancelled whilst I was waiting on the ward! My period pain is fierce this time. Dosing up on paracetamol and Feminax Ultra. I feel very down at the moment. The pain is intense and I was worried that they wouldn't undertake the lap and insert the coil, but after reading the many different comments on these forums I feel very reassured. Yes I'm not looking forward to surgery but after having painful heavy period since I was 12, (I'm now 41), I'm praying they diagnose endo and I can finally have a condition instead of being fobbed off by my GP. Good luck to you.


Oh no I will be devastated if they cancel my op, I've been building up to it all month and really want it out of the way! X this has happened to so many people on here as well. I'm also looking forward to getting some answers xx good luck for Tuesday! Keep me posted.

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I will do & thanks

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