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I had a laparoscopy on Friday and I've got to go back work Monday?

Hey everyone, I have been in pain for about 4 years which is when I started my period I have been bleeding black/brown blood everyday for just over 2 years and only stopped once for 3 days but was in agony the whole time. I had my lap on Friday and I was the first one in at 8:30 and was the last one to leave the ward as I had been very poorly. I kept wretching and shaking and couldn't eat a thing. When they finally said I could go home after pumping antisickness and pain killers in me all day I was in so much pain with my chest, shoulders and obviously stomach. Now my mum has had 3 laps and she said my stitching is a lot bigger to any of hers so should I be worried?? Also I have got to go work on Monday and I'm still in agony, I can't even sleep without siting up as I have too much chest pain and shoulder pain so the sleeping I have done has been sat upright on the sofa but can someone tell me anything that may help me for when I go back work please??

Thank you

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Oh huni I really don't think you should go back on Monday, it might be keyhole but it's still surgery and very hard on your body. I'm sure your doctor would give you a sick note, I was off for nearly 3 weeks! Please please put yourself first, your body needs to recover. You can self-very for 7 days, I would do that then see how you are. Big hugs xx

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That meant to say self-cert!


Thank you I think I'm going have to do something but just worried as only on my 4th week there. I do sit in an office but I have to walk all around the park a few times a day which is the bit I'm worried about as I couldn't even carry my plate in to eat my tea last night as of the chest pain 😢 I keep putting a hot water bottle on which is helping thank you everyone. But should I be worried about how big 1 of my stitches is??

Thank you so much


Hi try peppermint tea. It's the gas they pump in agrivating the nerves causing the shoulder and chest pain. The tea will help disperse it. Also try to move around as much as you can as this will help too. Definitely don't go back to work tomorrow. You and your health are far more important than a job.

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Hi hunny, please tell me you're not going into work today?

I had 2 weeks off work with mine and once I did go back, I got really tired very quickly.

You must listen to your body and no one else, every lady has their own individual journey with recovering after a lap and even the same lady can have different recoveries if they have more than one lap.

You've got many many years ahead of you and you owe it to those years to have a healthy body. You will be relying on your body long after you'll be relying on this job! I would suggest to give them a call, apologise and acknowledge that it's your 4th week and all, however say that you are going to need more time off. My surgeon gave me a sick note for 2 weeks that was waiting for me when I got out of surgery...so minimum 2 weeks must be pretty standard.

Please don't push yourself, don't get me wrong it's not a long drawn out painful recovery, as soon as you start to get better, you'll get better very quickly....but get better you must. And it will be very difficult if you're working and feeling the way you are.

Good luck xx


I had 12 days off work after a similar lap. There's no point going in to work and being sent home again. And it doesn't sound as though you would be safe to drive (if that's how you get to work) as I bet you couldn't do an emergency stop! I understand why you feel you must go in, but I found I was extremely tired for a week after all day in hospital and the sickness caused by the general anaesthetic, I really could not have done my job!


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