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2nd Lap coming up

Hi everyone,

I got diagnosed after 6 long years of nobody taking me seriously and getting passed off as a drama queen.

I went in for my 1st Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy with Cutterage in September and had such a horrible time, I was in so much pain afterwards and they kept giving me pain relief that didn't work yet still after about 8 hours I was sent home just because I could eat something. I got home and couldn't sleep and ended up back at A&E in the early hours of the morning where they too have me some pain relief that didn't work and sent me on my way. By this point my stomach was so swollen and i was in the most pain I've ever been, my wound still wasn't stopping bleeding and so I went straight from the hospital to my GP who within one look at me, phoned around Gyno wards to try and get me seen to. I got to hospital and was then transferred to another as that was where my consultants were who all said I shouldn't have been let out and the fact they had done so made it worse. I was taken in to another Lap and found that a cyst they had overlooked had ruptured and had to spend another week in hospital most of which nil by mouth.

I got the date through for my 2nd Lap in December and I'm so worried about it, I don't even know if I want to chance going through it now and was wondering if anyone else has had any bother with them?


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Oh dear I'm sorry u had such a bad time with your first. I've got my first lap and hysteroscopy on Monday and I'm starting to sh!t myself to the point where I want to cancel it! Xx I feel sick with nerves :(


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