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Hi all,

Since my last post, my gp has offered to refer me to a different hospital for a 2nd lap to cut the waiting time. Currently I have to wait until 18th March to see the surgeon I had last time! (The referal was sent in nov!) now the problem I have is if I go to a different hospital this means me seeing a completely new surgeon, is this a good idea? the surgeon I had before is highly recommended hence why there is such a long waiting list to see him, but I just don't know if waiting almost another 3 months is a good idea I mean couldnt my cysts potentially cause more damage to my ovaries etc? We have also being ttc for over a year so this is also why I'm concerned about the waiting time as we really want to start looking into fertility issues. Also if I decide to go to a different hospital to have my lap can anybody recommend a good hospital and surgeon in London? I'm currently being seen at lewisham.

Any advice would be much appreciated


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  • Hi.. personally id see the same. Im due for my 2nd lapo too and iv waited ages as i want the same person. She is the top consultant where i am who deals with endo. And i dont wana have any1 else as she knows me from before... Iv suffered in pain longer to have her but my minds at total ease

  • Ask to find out about this new surgeon but to be honest November to march isn't long ,I've had 3 laps now waiting for a 4th surgery although I dnt know what kind but iv waited from April to September for an ultra sound and September to November for results then in Nov re referred and waiting list confirmed yesterday it will be 39 weeks before I have consultation to then go on surgery waiting list and that will be another 4 to 6 months.so I'm looking at about 19 months before I can see any one ,my last surgeon is now in a different health board .

  • Hello, is this private or nhs? I had my lap in dec, my next hosp app is in 3 months but a different doctor as the one that operated was from a&e. I guess all they will do is send the notes from the operation to the new one. I'm considering going private as i hardly had any explanation of anything that happened, what to do next, what to expect. I found out more information on my discharge letter!! X

  • Thanks u guys for replying.

    Pixie this is exactly what I was thinking, maybe waiting is a better idea at least the surgeon I had before should remember mea and to be honest it would make me feel more comfortable.

    Butterfly wow I can't believe ur having to wait that long! I thought nov to march was long because the first lap I had it never took as long as this so I guess I'm just comparing plus March is when I have the consultation then I have to wait again for an actual op date which could be another few months. I'm just worried things are going to get worse in the mean time

    Dolce vita this is on nhs and did u not have a follow up consultation after ur lap to explain?


  • Hi

    I personally would wait as we are in January already so you only have another 10 weeks maximum to wait which isn't long. Also in London you are likely to wait the same length of time or even longer. I personally would sit tight and wait as you've only waited 16 weeks to be seen which isn't long. I waited 14 weeks to see a specialist at a London hospital 3 years ago who I'm still under so I'm guessing the waiting times may have increased there slightly too. Hope that helps

  • Hi, do you mind me asking who is the surgeon you are referring to? I'm based in Lewisham too so interested to see who this is. Thanks so much.

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