Waiting for 2nd Lap

Hiya everyone, haven't posted on here before but feel like I need some support. I've had endometriosis since I was about 17, had my first laparoscopy in 2013 when I was 20. My symptoms began again about 6-7 months ago & have been referred back to a consultant, had a scan and an endometrioma was found on my right ovary. Tuesday evening ended up in A&E with excruciating pain, they thought maybe ovarian torsion or the endometrioma had ruptured. After another scan they couldn't find anything, endometrioma was still intact so have just kept me in for pain management. Due to go home today even though my pain is still not under control, they won't do a laparoscopy because they say it's not emergency surgery, say I have to go home and wait for a date for elective surgery, I haven't even seen or spoken to a consultant since I've been in. I am about to qualify as a nurse, supposed to be starting a new job soon and this is going to delay it all so much, no one seems to be taking me seriously and it feels like I have to fight to get anything done, it's so frustrating when I know a lap will sort the problem out.

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It's shocking when a hospital won't do anything to help, but tbh you will be better off in a specialists hand, go to your Gp and get reffered to a bsge centre,

Good luck xxx

The hospital that I was in is a BSGE centre, they wouldn't operate because I came in as an emergency, it's just ridiculous! So stressed with it all, 4 days and nothing was resolved x

I've had the same thing a few times, just get me spaced out on drugs and sent home, it's a disgrace. Have you been put on list now xx

Nope which is the most ridiculous thing! The consultant that I am under didn't even bother coming to see me, I already had an appointment booked with him in July and all they have said is they will 'try' to get in contact with his secretary to bring the appointment forward. It's having such a massive impact on uni because any time I have off I then have to make the hours up 😞 Xx

I'm a new member I'm waiting for a lap. Been 8 years finally thought my luck was in sat waiting for an hour to be told they were too busy to see me and I would be a priority. That was 2 months ago and still no letter. What hope do we have?

The waiting is unbearable! And it has such a massive impact on all aspects of our lives. I really hope you get sorted soon. The only thing I can suggest is push & push until you get what you need to happen!

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