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I'm new here ... First lap tomorrow! Any advice?

Hi guys,

Got my first lap tomorrow to see if they can find the cause of my pelvic pain.

Got to be at hospital at 7.30am.. any idea what time the op might be in your experience? Does it just depend how far down the last you are?

Have most people come home the same day? In what sort of situation might you have to stay overnight?

A weird question .. what do they make you wear during the op? Only asking because I've just stopped breastfeeding my 13 month old incase I was in overnight or required certain pain relief. And my gosh do my boobs hurt, they're fit to burst. If anyone makes me take this bra off I'm pretty sure there'll be milk flying! So just wondering about that too :)

Thanks in advance!


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Hello, They usually ask you to come in at 7:30, my last lap was around about 9:30, tends to be a long anxious wait. Most people who've had an lap tend to go home same day only a few stay in overnight.

You wear a hospital apron for your op also hospital paper knicker things if needed. I don't know if they supply paper thing bras like they do for pants, you can ask the nurse tomorrow when they ask you to get changed.

Few things I'll recommend for after the op though would be, peppermint tea for gas pains you may get in the shoulder, hot water bottle for the sore tummy and a pillow to home against you for the drive home.

Best of luck for tomorrow.


Thanks so much :)

I'm not anxious at the minute because I've been so stressed trying to organise cover for work that it feels that once I'm at the hospital I can't worry about it anymore.

Once I'm there then the worry will set in I'm sure!


If you get too worried while waiting you can ask for something calming when you're being seen by your anaesthetist he/she can also give you something for sickness if you worry over that too like I do.


What time did they let you go home if you don't mind me asking?


I was home by 6pm, took me longer then most people that day to leave due to the anti sickness meds I was given before hand really made me drowsy.


Thanks for advice.. makes you feel better when you know what's going on! haha:)

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You'll most likely not be able to wear your bra in theatre but you may be able to wear it until you go down if you ask. I very much doubt you can wear it in theatre due to the monitors etc they place on your chest.

I had my period at the time of my first lap and I remember thinking that I'd feel really awkward about that but I didn't at all in the end, the doctors and nurses see all sorts and put you at ease xxx


Thanks for the info :)

I'm hoping they might have eased off a little tomorrow .. Fingers crossed!


My first lap I was first in first as I have a latex allergy .. was last home as my bp fell drastically afterwards.. I was in theatre for 5 mins as they opened me up, shut me back up then referred me to a gynea team .. Second op I was last in. Again latex allergy. I was gutted .. I didn't get to theatre til after 3, wasn't back on ward til half past 9 .. I stayed 2 night's as had a drain .. Second one was torture as 2 day before could only way lightly, day before could only have clear fluids, the bowel prep stuff was disgusting and even worse on an empty stomach, and didn't get to eat anything because of complications til the early hours of the day after my surgery. I was starving 😂😂 .. But good luck! Hope it goes well!


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