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Medication not working after having baby

After years of many doctors appointments and trying many different types of medication, I finally found something that worked well for me. This was taking the Loestrin 20 pill 'back to back' for 3 months and also taking Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic Acid to control the pain, this worked great for me for 3 years.

Then after recently coming off the pill and having my baby, 15 months on, this medication now doesn't work for me atall (actually makes it alot worse- sickness etc). Im now really struggling to find any medication that works atall for me, nothing seems to take the pain off, which is really getting me down as I now suffer with terrible stomach pains every single day.

Has anyone else been in the same situation after having a baby? Or has anyone got any suggestions atall for me to try for pain relief? I have also recently tried... Naproxen, Amitriptyline, and the Mercilon pill.

I have got an appointment in December to see a specialist for the 2nd time so hopefully they will suggest something else for me. Feel so worried.... as have read so many negative stories about the coil/ laparoscopies etc which still don't seem to help symptoms.

I have yet to be diagnosed with Endometriosis but doctors have pretty much said this is what I have, and when I was pregnant my symptoms went away completely, which is another common sign of Endo. Im only 22, feel sick with worry about it all.

Any comments would be really appreciated x

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Surgery to diagnose is certainly 1 major step forward and if endo is found then get it removed.

However if the trouble is still mainly confined to when you have a period- the best solution there would be tostop having periods.

arm implant Nexplanon - lasts 3 years

skyla coil lasts 3 years

mirena up to 5 years

Depo-provera injections are every 3 months.

All these methods are not instant fixes - they work over a few months to thin the regrowth of menstrual lining to the point where you stop having periods hopefully. Some ladies will still experience some spotting monthly but if they work and stop the periods for you that stops the cramping pains too.

Of course they are all contraceptive too- so if you were planning on adding to your family in th very near future - a pregnancy would be the idea natural way to make the endo dormant for a while.

As we get older - not just with having a baby- our bodies change in what drugs work best for us and what may have worked fab for many years becomes unsuitable and the hunt is on again for something which does help with fewest side effects. Trial and error and preseverence is required.

The nexplanon and coils are much lower doses of hormones than the pills - which if you are more sensitive to hormones after pregnancy might be the better option to try now. They are all removable in the event you do want to restart periods and try for another baby.

However - it is best to try and get a diagnosis for what is actually causing the problem - it may not be endo. Adenomyosis mimics the symptoms of endo very closely, as do other gynae conditions. So getting the right diagnosis means you can target treatments according to what the problem is.

Ask your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist and push for a scan on the pelvic organs and after that push for a diagnostic lap op.

If you prefer to not have a surgery and want to carry on by trying stopping periods long term that's entirely up to you. Best of luck.

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Thankyou for your reply. Very helpful and will definitely push to find a diagnosis.

Many thanks


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