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anyone have trouble going back to work after hysterectomy

hi i had hysterectomy 18th june and all has been well,i had 9 weeks of sick which end next week then have my holiday and i was planning on going back to work 1st week in sept,however i went to see my personnel manager,and she said they dont feel that i will be fit enough to do my job and have moved me of nights onto days which dont suit me as i have young children,it was either this or stay of sick until they think i am well enough,which i cant financially afford to do.my job is filling the shelfs in a supermarket throught the night but i only work every other night,i have agreed to do the days but only till oct half term,then they will get occupational health to contact my doctor to see if i am capable of doing the job,without even seeing me,evryone recover differently i know ,but do you think after 5 months i would be able to go back to my night job,i know its a lot of bending and stretching but i really need to get back on nightshift.

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Hi Sonyap

I agree your employer seems to be being extra careful in what they are asking you to do upon your return to work. On the one hand it's a good thing as they are aware you have recently undergone a major operation but I can understand your frustrations at not being allowed to return to your original role.

By October you will be 4 months post op which is probably slightly longer than an average period of recovery assuming your op was problem free. .Would it be worth seeing your GP independently to get his/her opinion. and asking them to contact your employer directly? Or do you have a union who could offer any advice?

I was off work 14 weeks after my hysterectomy and I also had a physical job including being on my feet all day. For me this was the right period of time to allow me to recover but only you know how much you can do.

Good luck with your decision.

Caroline, x


hi caroline thanks for replying,i am really worrying occupational health willl say i cant go back to nights.but i need to because of my children.i told work that on the hysterectomy guidelines it say no heavy lifting 3 months but thry wont even let me try and do the job.


Hi - i think your employer may be right. You may feel well and capable, and yes it may say no heavy lifting for at least 3 months but did you know that very heavy lifting is up to 12 months, this is because it takes 12 months for all internal healing to be done. Take an my sister as an example, she had her hysterectomy a couple of years ago, (my mum, my aunties and my nan all had hysterectomies in their 30's or by the age of 40) but my sister had hers done in the January, around August time she had just moved house and decided the cut the grass in her new garden, normal electric mower not manual lol, but she had an almighty bleed after doing this 8 months after!! she didn't even think about it as she felt so well but it shows she was not ready, and i would imagine that shelf stacking (which i've done before and it can be hard, heavy work) would not be good for you, not yet. can't they move you onto another dept for a few months? going back to work after 3 months is fine depending on what job you do, and i think you're job would cause you more issues in later life.

i know what i've said may seem extreme, but everybody i know who has had a hysterectomy has been told the no very heavy lifting for 12 months, and i can't believe you haven't been told this, it will be for your own good in the long run, the body has to heal internally, and find other ways to support whats left in your pelvis, or you could end up with prolapsed vagina or bowel, or both xxx


hi yes they have moved me onto days which i cant do long term because of my children and school holidays,they do have the lighter aisles there ie crisps health and beauty gm,sauces or could dress the other peoples aisles,ii told my doctor what job i do and they said 12 weeks of should be fine.thanks for replying,hope your sister is ok now take care x


Give ACAS a ring on your rights. I think if your children are under 7, you have more rights on your hours. But I'd double check with ACAS on your rights. Phone them Anon you don't have to give your name. My mother had a hysterectomy years ago. She went back to work in a care home 4 months after the op. She only did because we were desperate for the money. I think the bottom of her stomach is numb now. But all recover differently. I wouldn't push myself with heavy lifting though x


Hello Sonyap,

I am a womens health physiotherapist and have endo, and treat ladies who have had hysterectomies. You are right in saying you should not lift anything heavy for 12 weeks post op. But you also need to be aware of twisting when lifting even light objects at work, as this may aggrevate you incision. If it does then I would request you are signed off for 12 weeks so you can return to your normal job. But it is very important when you are return that you need to do a phased return, so you do not return to your full time hours as you will be very tired.




hi,thanks for your reply,if i do days till the end of october this will be 19 weeks since my op,do you think i should be able to do nights again after this ,i do hope so as i cant do days and dont see why i should be forced out of my job because i had a hysterectomy many thanks for taking the time to reply


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