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Going back to work after laparoscopy


Hi everyone I had a laparoscopy on Monday I was given a sick not for one week went to the doctor today and she's given me until Wednesday but was reluctant to give me it I really don't feel right I had cysts removed off my tubes and endo off my cervix and she was so rude looking at me as if I should be running a marathon I have quite a high pain barrier but the pain is ridiculous whenever I try and do anything including washing myself, anyone else had this problem she just didn't seem to care I think she thought I just wanted Christmas Day off but I got that day off anyway lol x

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Oh boy, in my pre-op assessment this week the nurse said I'd be pretty back to normal after a few days but a week off work would see me right... I had asked ladies on here what to expect for recovery time & the consensus seems to be two weeks (but depends on what you have done, how you react to anaesthesia/how much cut out. etc.)

Rushing back will not do you any favours. Can you work from home?

I wish I could but im a nurse so no chance lol i no I'm not right my stomach muscles are so sore and my back I agony, I won't rush back I'm going back to the gp in a couple of days if the pain is not ment to last this long they must have damaged something or upset something x

Hi hun

Sorry to hear that you are in a lot of pain still.

When I had my laparoscopy it was about 4 weeks before I was able to start doing normal thing's and then at that point I tired really easy. The nurse that came round with the discharge papers said it's

6 weeks recovery. I know this varies from person to person.

I was in horrendous pain prior to laparoscopy and it didn't resolve my pain as they found adenomyosis. So I think that affected my recovery.

It sounds like you had quite a bit done hun don't go back until you feel well enough to as it will make your recovery time worse overall.

If you are having a issue with the Dr ask to see a different Dr because even 2 weeks doesn't seem to me, especially as you are still in a lot of pain and you are going to be on your feet all day.

Hope you feel better soon hun xx

Wow that is pretty mean... I went to my GP on Tuesday and got signed off until 02/01/16. My op was last Friday (11/12/15). He took one look at me and said I'll sign you off until the second... I'm still exhausted really easily and feel pain if I'm moving around for anything more than an hour. I'd go back and see if you can see another GP.

Yeah I'll leave it till Tuesday and see how I am she's not very sympathetic very stern lol if I'm not ready I won't go back just worried the doctor will refuse a sick note! So I'm trying to get myself going but I'm just so out of breath all the time feel useless xx

I had one on Wednesday, did you have any bladder problems? I can't stop weeing

danielle3440 in reply to Lydia84

At first I couldn't pee but wen I need to go I have to go now lol otherwise I'm afraid I'll pee myself I can't seem to hold it anymore x

I couldn't go after the op either for hours, they were going to keep me in and put a catheter in. Now I'm feeling the need to wee every 20 mins, I can't seem to go longer than that, I feel so uncomfy like something is pressing on my bladder making me need to go.

danielle3440 in reply to Lydia84

It maybe the swelling and gas still in ur abdomen Hun xx

I still have urethra problems... They put a catheter in during surgery and I think they might have been a bit rough... I thought it was a bladder infection... I went to the GP, they tested my urine and it was positive for red and white blood cells... I've been on anti-biotics since Tuesday night and I still have that annoying tingling sensation in my urethra - like I need to pee despite only having just been. If it hasn't gone by Monday I will go back to the GP...

I had Lap and extensive surgery including taking my appendix out on 01/12 and my dr automatically signed be off til 11/01. This is my 5th lap and typically always taken around 4-6 weeks. Rest, take it easy (not easy this time of year I know) but really will help

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