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So Frustrated

Hey everyone,

Has anyone else experienced something like this?! I had my laparoscopy back in July and ended up staying in hospital for 4 days as I was quite unwell on antibiotics through a drip and had a catheter for 3 days. Here we are in October and I'm still not well I barely get into work have to work from home most of the time and even that I can't always do as I keep feeling so wiped out and unwell, I've been urgently referred to see a urologist as all my symptoms are more like a uti. They're on about me having a cystoscopy as often show blood in my urine too. I just feel so fed up and frustrated I've had no life since the op in July can't do anything too physical as I just end up feeling so unwell and achy. My doctors are so unhelpful too have had me on antibiotics the whole time without giving me any real answers, they send my urine off on a weekly basis and did blood tests which told them I had an infection but that's about it. Mentally it's really getting me down but I just don't know what else I can do to get sorted asap


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