So doctors still expecting me to wait till next year for certain tests. meanwhile im left in excruating pain to the point i'll be curled up on the floor in tears everyday. Painkillers don't seem to be working. Don't know what to do anymore. I have tried everything. Painkillers, hot water bottles, baths, nothing eases the pain. I really cant take much more. Ideas? Is there anything I can physically do to push the doctors to do more because this is getting really bad. xx

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  • All I can say is keep going back to your doctor. The more fuss I made the more they seemed to do. I also rang the appointments number to check if they had any cancellations regularly. It worked in the end. Good luck xx

  • Thank u! Im going tommorow again so hopefully they do something xx

  • Good luck hun xx

  • Thank u!! Hope they do something not even slept yet been awake all night in pain. Xx

  • Dont the pain killers make you tired hun? I took nurophen last night it knocked me out, let me know what they satoday xxx

  • Normally 2 tramadol ease the pain and make me sleep but last night i just couldnt settle. The pain just didnt ease. And will do xx

  • My partner phoned for ambulance when I was curled up on the floor and they then contacted my gp and basically told him to get his arse in gear. Got scanned the next day and surgery 8 weeks later. That was way back in 2008 before I was diagnosed. Unconventional I know.....but without that I'd probably still be waiting for a diagnosis.

  • Awwwww yeah back in October was rushed down hospital 5 times! ben down the doctors back and forth and still nothing!!! Im glad you finally had something done about it. I wish they would sort me out! I cant take the pain no more. xx

  • I ended up having to collapse at work to get anyone to notice! The paramedics were terrible and A&E didn't do anything but the fact I'd been got my an emergency GP appointment and drew attention to my appendix being inflamed. Admittedly it took it happening again for anything to really get started, but they couldn't deny I was having problems.

  • aww yeah its terrible they leave you and leave you until finally you colappse and get so bad that they have to do something about it. I've been in and out of hospital and back and forth to doctors and still they cant find anything wrong. im sick of this pain. Yet again I went doctors today and still nothing done just more tablets to try and they wouldn't prescribe the strong painkillers that have been the only thing which helps ease the pain

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