angry and frustrated

sorry girls just need to rant, anyone else had this experience with hospitals?

I am currently waiting for an appointment with the gynaecologist for suspected endo but I was getting very worked up in the meantime so my GP was great and said he would send me for an ultrasound to rule anything else out.

I have been waiting for weeks for this and was about to contact the doctor to chase it up but this morning I received a letter saying that I have failed to attend the appointment that was on Tuesday. I am so angry because I was not even contacted to inform me of my appointment! I had one missed call from an unknown number on Saturday but that was it. I'm now thinking this could have been the hospital but even if it was to ring me ONCE a few days before the appointment is ridiculous! I now need to go back to my GP and be referred again, urgh!!

Sorry for the rant I'm just so upset at the moment and just want to know what's wrong with me!😫

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  • Hey love! Sorry you've experienced that. I had a very similar situation myself. Just make sure all the relevant people are aware that it wasn't your fault, things like this happen all the time so they should be understanding... however you don't want to start from the beginning again because of someone else's mistakes! Good luck x

  • Sorry to hear about this! I would contact the hospital and ask them how the appointment was sent and when. Hey should have a record that a letter was sent on this date or someone called on this date. Explain you didn't speak to anyone or receive a letter. Surely they can't make you wait again because if there mistake? Hope it's sorted soon x

  • Thank you for your reply. I have just got off the phone with the hospital and they said a letter was sent out on the 16th. I explain I never received it and they have booked me in for another appointment next week. I'm so nervous now though haha X

  • That's good news! Glad it's sorted. Don't be nervous , you will be ok. I had an ultrasound the other week. It doesn't take long at all. Good luck!! xx

  • Do you get the result straight away? thank you!xx

  • No, she told me to call the doctors the following week. I've had two scans and they never gave me my results at the same time. I think it needs to be written up and sent back to the doctor xx

  • okay no worries, thank you xx

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