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Frustrated is an understatement

I'm getting so frustrated because everyone I talk to fobs me off to someone else! I spend most nights worrying about what to do and to be honest I'm coming to a point where I am thinking what's the point? Might as well stay in pain and be uncomfortable the rest of my life as that's how I I see the rest of my life.. I'm 21 but this doubled with anaemia its killing me, I'm so sorry to go on but this site is the only place I can express my true feelings about this all without feeling like I'm talking to a brick wall :(

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I know how u feel.. no one understands. Im in pain and cry loads and all i get is... I think ur depressed! Erm NOO.. IM IN PAIN! doctors just annoy me. Im 31 and iv been suffering for many years but been diagnosed for 4years

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I've had that exact situation now I'm on anti depressants when I don't Ned to be


I know i cry alot but it is pure frustration that no1 around me understands... Iv not gone docs as i dont wana be prescribed them... Although my fiance wants me to see a gp


I'm the same - pain is awful and makes it worse when people don't understand just because they can't see something doesn't mean we don't suffer - curling up with hot water bottle as I write this

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I feel exactly like this in terms of help and support. I feel like my gp fobs me off to the hospital and my hospital just fobs me of to other departments of the hospital. I've literally have virtually no support or info from the hospital when I was diagnosed with endo a year ago or even when I had pcos diagnosed when I was about 17. I was always told that there wouldn't be anything wrong and that it was in my head or me being a hypochondriac but I've been right by every count, sadly.

Bar sites like these there really isn't enough help or support. The thing is with the NHS system is that they just don't really care about people as individuals really, most just see it as a job and they're so busy half the time that they physically can't really worry about people individually. As sad as that sounds. :(

I know it's so frustrating being pushed from pillar to post And it's so tiring generally suffering and you just feel like there's no help, support or relief but it's just about pushing and pushing to get he medical help you need and deserve whilst seeking support in other people who really understand - like this site. It's such a massive comfort.

Just know you're not the only one that feels this way. It's awful I know.

Feel free to message if you want to vent or rant or talk.

Lots of love.



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Thank you very much! I know every time I go to a hospital I get told I am constipated because I've been in a&e with the pain more times than I can remember and they never try find out what's wrong just give me cocodamol and send me on my way!!

My sister found this site for me and I coukdntnthank her enought tbh its good to think you're not the only one going through it! My boyfriend is trying to be as supportive as possible but its just the typical male sayings I get, can't fault him though he always getsme a hot water bottle when I need it bless him! I wouldn't have even been having hospital appointments if it wasn't for him I've lived with this since I've had periods so its like normal to be in this much pain, he said its not and now I have been going to doctor's and hospitals for over 6 months and still nothing!! More pain killers and anti depressants, sick if being force fed drugs!!

Sorry to rant and thanks xxx


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