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Is anyone else finding it really hard to contact their consultant? I rang in April to ask about an appointment and they said I was due to have an appointment in May but if I need support to contact my consultant's secretary. I have left voice messages and got no response, still haven't had an appointment and my doctors are now wanting follow up evidence to continue my prescription even though I've been unable to have contact with hospital since January! My symptoms have worsened and I just don't know what to do to get help! Really frustrated!

16 Replies
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Hi, Yeah me too!

Sorry to hear you are also struggling to get in touch with your consultant. It's so frustrating, especially as your symptoms are getting worse.

I called my GP on Friday, as the consultants secretary NEVER calls me back 😒 GP has sent an urgent email to the consultant. Would your GP email the hospital?

I'm going to call PALS to complain if I haven't heard anything by the end of next week. I understand the impact of COVID but there's no excuse for such poor communication.

Hope you get in touch soon xx

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Hufflepuffsoph in reply to 77yellow

Hi, I am sorry to hear its not just me struggling to get contact!

I believe my GP has already emailed the hospital as they asked for a blood test which I knew nothing about so the GP was chasing that up for me. Although that was 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard any development on that either!

I agree COVID has had a massive impact and I understand that but I just don't see what we are meant to do to get help when the people who say they are there to help aren't answering the phone.

Fingers crossed for you getting somewhere!


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77yellow in reply to Hufflepuffsoph

It's so saddening that there are more people in our position. It is so frustrating when you need help you just don't know where to turn 😕 xx

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HiIt’s the same with me.

I contacted PALS and then the secretary actually rang me! I also have taken to writing to my consultant direct as I feel they are less likely to ignore a written letter. Still not getting the answers I want but I am getting more communication.

I just sent another letter last week so will see what comes back!


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As a matter of interest where are you in the country?

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Hufflepuffsoph in reply to willywalk

I’m in Derby, seems to be a country wide thing. I’m going to see how far I get contacting them again and then I’m going to try pals xx

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I totally understand you I finally got my date for my larcascopy after waiting over a year and a half. When I didn’t hear back from my consultant about my scan I had enough as this was just a total neglect of care. Understand Covid but the world moves on. I rang PALS and literally I couldn’t have been seen quick enough.

That would also be my advice, hospitals do not like complaints but when your left with no choice you have to, so I would give PALS a call too!

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Hufflepuffsoph in reply to KiteRunner123

Thank you, definitely going to be doing that after seeing everyone’s replies on here

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Yes! Mines always on the other line whenever I call. I then call back after a few hours and she’s really angry and tells me she called me back and spoke to me, when she didn’t. My gynae is always on holiday whenever I ask..

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Hufflepuffsoph in reply to Hayayaya

It’s so frustrating!

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Hi Hufflepuffsoph, Yes sounds just like what I've been through! I contacted PALS and then about a week later my consultants secretary called me! But still I'm not getting very far 🙄 it's just so crap and if I have one more person say its cos of covid19 🤯🤬. I would contact PALS and see what happens 🤞 x

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Hufflepuffsoph in reply to Pureunicorn

I know the feeling! I appreciate it’s been hard with Covid but I’ve had 2 appointments since being diagnosed in January 2020!! What kind of support is that especially since I can’t even speak to my consultants secretary like I was told I could! I’ve emailed PALS tonight. I work in a school so hard to ring during the times the lines are open 🙃 hopefully we get somewhere soon! X

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morning hun how's u? yes I've been trying for year's with different Dr's and consultants and have gotten no further 😔 I feel your pain, I'm at that point where I've had enough of them taking the piss and I'm now looking to sue 😕 I hope you get the help u need but if you just need a rant please feel free to msg me xxxxx

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Hufflepuffsoph in reply to dodgeviperdiva

I’m so sorry to hear this! Hopefully we all get the help we need and deserve! Xxx

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Hey, Same here! I’ve put a complaint through PALs as my appointments have been cancelled or rescheduled 5 times since September as well and I’m still waiting for treatment 🙄

I’ve gone the PALs route before and the endo clinic is usually pretty quick to respond after that!


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dodgeviperdiva in reply to EndoG

it's a joke 😂 24yrs of this shit n I'm still struggling! 😕

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